REVIEW: S. Carey – ‘Supermoon’

February 17, 2015 - Supermoon

s carey supermoon

Artist: S. Carey
Album: Supermoon
Genre: Indie

S. Carey‘s sophomore LP Range Of Light was a unenlightened album, and we meant that in a best approach possible. Some of a album’s best moments come from anticipating new layers or textures months after a initial listen. It was a sonic account that was meant to ring of all Sean Carey’s appreciation and adore of inlet with music.

While a tour supposing on Range Of Light was accurately what it meant to be in my mind, a beauty of S. Carey as a musician is his versatility. With that comes Supermoon, a new EP featuring 4 stripped-down re-imaginings of prior tracks, as good as a new “Supermoon” and a cover of Radiohead’s “Bullet Proof…I Wish we Was.”

For those unaware, a supermoon is a unequivocally engaging and enthralling impulse in astrophysics. As we know, a Moon orbits a Earth. The Moon is deliberate a supermoon when it is a full moon, or a new moon, and is during a closest indicate to Earth in a elliptical orbit. This creates a largest and clearest picture of a Moon one could have from a exposed eye on Earth.

S. Carey will simply impassivity over fans once again with a hauntingly pleasing renditions of “Fire-scene,” “We Fell,” “In The Stream,” and “Neverending Fountain.” As Range Of Light had many layers, including a outspoken tracks, Carey uses them in an impossibly minimalistic approach here, creation certain each sonic inflection counts.

Supermoon was essentially available during a supermoon eventuality in Aug 2014. This instills a vibe of bleakness and naturalism that is felt on a renditions of a tracks. The EP rings clever of piano and vocals, with other ambient sounds churned in, all while gripping a marks comparatively bare. The thought of Supermoon is to frame things down into their essential parts, if usually for a bit. Just as a Moon will lapse to normal circuit and turn reduction super there are still means to revelry in a uncomplicated beauty.

SCORE: 9/10
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