Revealed: The many asked questions of a year – and a answers

December 7, 2015 - Supermoon

From a General Election to distressing scenes of terror, or a birth of a stately baby to healthy phenomenons, 2015 has given us lots to speak about.

But that of a year’s biggest stories really held a attention?

Tech hulk Yahoo has suggested a 10 many asked questions of a final 12 months, according to a UK and Ireland hunt engine.

And while many are what we competence expect, others are some-more remarkable.

Unsurprisingly, heavyweight topics such as finance, politics and terrorism had us reaching for a keyboard, yet afterwards so did lighter subjects, like TV soaps.

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This was a many used hashtag of a year on Twitter

So, what accurately were we asking?

Here are a 10 many frequestly asked questions of 2015, according to Yahoo

10. What is a blue moon?

See a ultra-rare blue moon rise

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It’s satisfactory to contend we all went a bit moon insane this year.

Back in September, we witnessed a mega-rare blood supermoon – a philharmonic we won’t see again until 2033.

But Jul was all about a blue moon, a tenure given to a astronomical materialisation of when a second full moon appears during one calendar month.

Another legitimate answer is that it’s a pretension of a strain by Dean Martin .

9. What is a meme?

David Cameron memes on #PigGate
Did we screech during this one? Memes, like this one, have been large this year

The chances are, your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Bebo (is that still a thing?) newsfeeds saw an awful lot of memes this year.

And a some-more we saw, a some-more a word crept a approach into a bland lingo. But what accurately does it mean? That’s what many of us were left wondering.

Simply put, a meme is an image, video or square of content typically humorous in nature, that is copied and widespread fast by internet users.

The above example, spawned by a David Cameron ‘pig-gate’ scandal, was only one of a many viral memes we witnessed in 2015.

8. What is a Magna Carta?

A multiple of cinema taken in London shows a 4 flourishing strange Magna Carta copies
Constitution: The Magna Carta held people’s courtesy in 2015

June saw a 800th anniversary of a signing of a Magna Carta – something that sparked lots of celebratory events opposite a UK.

But those who suspicion it was only partial of a pretension of an manuscript by Kanye West and Jay-Z indispensable assistance from their hunt engine to strew light on a matter.

The Magna Carta, definition “The Great Charter” in Latin, was a domestic request sealed by King John of England during Runnymeade, on Jun 15, 1215.

It intended that everybody in a UK was theme to a same laws, and it stays an critical cornerstone of a British structure to this day.

7. What is non-dom taxation status?

Jonathan Brady/PA
George Osborne
What was he on about exactly? George Osborne suggested non-dom taxation standing was being scrapped

Among a biggest news to come out of a 2015 Budget was a Government’s preference to throw a permanent non-domicile taxation status.

However, it seems that many people weren’t entirely adult to speed on what accurately Chancellor of a Exchequer George Osborne was articulate about.

Non-dom standing relates to UK residents whose permanent homes are abroad.

Scrapping it means these people have to compensate taxation on UK earnings, yet not on their unfamiliar gains or income – unless they move a income behind to a UK.

It had been slammed as a approach of assisting a abounding equivocate profitable their way.

6. What colour is The Dress?

swiked / tumblr
Dress that has caused an internet discuss about continue it is blue and black or white and bullion - colour offset to white and gold
Debate: People couldn’t determine on a colours of this dress

At a centre of many a burning discuss in 2015 was a colour of that dress.

It started when a design of a striped delegate was posted on Tumblr in February. Owing to an misconception caused by a snap’s lighting, people couldn’t determine on a colours.

Some insisted it was white and gold, while others swore it was blue and black.

Eventually, a makers of a dress reliable it was blue and black.

5. How do we make a pinhole camera?

SSPL/Getty Images
Two cameras compared with a British colonize of photography W H F Talbot (1800-1877)
Safety first: Pinhole cameras supposing a protected approach to watch a solar eclipse

Before a sum solar obscure in March, it was suggested that a best – and safest – approach to watch it was by a homemade pinhole camera .

Cue lots of people seeking instructions.

If we still wish to know how, we can find out here .

4. How do we perspective a solar eclipse?

Solar obscure 2015: Incredible footage from Northumberland

Video loading

Ever reserve conscious, a people of a UK and Ireland were fervent to learn how they could watch a solar eclipse in Mar but deleterious their eyes.

If we don’t take certain precautions, when a moon moves in front of a sun, a damaging infrared deviation can bake a retina of a eye.

Staring during a object directly by binoculars or a telescope is quite dangerous, and sunglasses won’t keep your eyes protected either.

There are protected ways to perspective a enchanting moment, though. As settled above, examination by a homemade pinhole camera is one option.

3. What is a smallest wage?

London Living Wage
Money talks: The National Minimum Wage rose by 20p in October

When a National Minimum Wage rose by 20p in October, it meant a income of roughly 1.4 million people had only been increased.

And, if this frequently asked doubt is anything to go by, some-more than a satisfactory few of them wanted to know accurately what it meant for them.

The boost puts a smallest salary during £6.70 an hour for over 21s, £5.30 for 18-21 year olds, £3.87 for under-18s and £3.30 for apprentices.

It will arise again subsequent April, definition those over a age of 25 will get an hourly rate of during slightest £7.20.

2. What is Charlie Hebdo?

A chairman reads a latest emanate of a French satirical journal Charlie Hebdo in Paris on Jan 7, 2015
Talking point: Charlie Hebdo was catapulted into a open eye following a apprehension conflict during a offices

At a spin of a year, many people hadn’t listened of Charlie Hebdo . A week later, that was really not a case.

On Jan 7, dual terrorists armed with conflict rifles stormed a Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, murdering 11 people during a satirical weekly news magazine.

Featuring reports and cartoons, a repository is eminent for a far-left opinion and has been famous to satire argumentative topics.

Terror organisation ISIS after claimed shortcoming for a offensive attack, citing cartoons of a Prophet Mohammed as a reason.

1. Who killed Lucy Beale?

Lucy Beale in Eastenders
Did we ask? Everybody wanted to know who killed Lucy Beale

And here it is, a doubt on everybody’s lips in 2015.

If you’re an EastEnders fan, you’ll totally get it. If not, we a doubt of “Who is Lucy Beale?” competence be some-more relevant.

It’s all to do with a BBC One soap’s whodunnit that had viewers gripped for a initial partial of a year – and even a tail finish of 2014.

The answer was suggested in a special live partial in Feb to coincide with EastEnders’ 30th anniversary.

And in box we don’t know, a guilty partial was her small brother, Bobby.

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