RaysWeather.com’s 2018 Blue Ridge Parkway Calendar Pre-Order Sale Ends Tomorrow

August 10, 2017 - Supermoon

Cover Photo – Grand Prize Winner Bonita Loggins

By Jesse Wood

Now in a 15th year, RaysWeather.com’s 2018 Blue Ridge Parkway Calender will start appearing in stores subsequent week. Through tomorrow, Aug. 11, RaysWeather.com is offered a calendars during a pre-publication cost of $12 here. Calendars will start shipping out Aug. 14.

Once again, a images are overwhelming and paint a singular perspective of 4 deteriorate on a Blue Ridge Parkway. Photographers submitted some-more than 600, and a record 14,788 votes were expel in a calendar competition to confirm that images would beauty a months of a year.

“We’ve got some singular shots in there,” Ray Russell, owners of RaysWeather.com. “Kind of by collision – we didn’t do it since of a solar obscure – though we have some astrology form shot. Just a unusual super moon shot in Nov and a meteor showering over Price Lake this month, that is unequivocally unique, and a cover shot only incited out terrific.”

The calendar will enclose over 55 photos from a contest. It will also embody meridian information for any month for 14 cities along a 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway, Blue Ridge Parkway information and even November/December 2017 calendar images, so we can use it earlier than later.

This calendar is also a fundraiser for a Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation.

For some-more information, click to www.raysweather.com  or to a RaysMarketplace.com.

November 2017, Patricia Joynes

December 2017, Sandra Leslie

January, Robert Stephens

February, Kathryn Greven

March, Bill Rhodes

April, Ashley McGhee

May, Cassandra Ellison

June, Mike Duncan

July, Jason Penland

August, Victor Ellison

September, William Strauch

October, Alan Larkins

November, John Haldane

December, Monty Combs



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