Rare demeanour during a Lunar Eclipse of a Super moon

October 5, 2015 - Supermoon

It was a singular evening, peering ceiling during a lunar obscure of a super “blood” moon, blackened like night by a shade of a Earth. It won’t occur again for 18 some-more years, that is 9,460,800 mins away

By Aaron Hanania

AaronHananiaHeadShot1On Sep 27th 2015 a unequivocally singular eventuality took place, and we was propitious adequate to be in a right place during a right time. The moon, that was already a super moon, was totally eclipsed by a shade of a Earth. The final time that a sum lunar obscure of a super moon took edging was in 1982 over 3 decades ago.

And a subsequent time that a sum lunar obscure of a super moon will occur is 2033, in 18 years. So greatfully don’t go outward each night and wait for another sum lunar obscure of a blood moon since we will be station outward for a unequivocally prolonged time. You would have to wait 157,680 hours or even worse, 9,460,800  minutes that could be spent doing things to advantage you!

All day Sunday, it was unequivocally pale in Chicago. That was until about 8 pm. Luckily,t he clouds split in Orland Park usually prolonged adequate for us to see a eclipse. Unfortunately so many other people and even we might not have seen a eclipse. Click here to see a Video we filmed of a time relapse of the whole obscure for we to see. It is played during 8 times speed, saving we lots of time.

Click here to perspective a video on Youtube.

At about 8:10 a moon was solemnly being eaten by earth’s shadow. It seemed that a moon was being emptied of a light like an hourglasses’ sand. An obscure happens when a moon goes behind a earth and gets lonesome by earth’s shadow. A super moon happens when a moon is closest to earth on a orbital path. Both of these events are flattering uncommon. When both of these happened during a same time.

Lunar obscure of a Super Blood Moon

Lunar obscure of a Super Blood Moon

To give we a visible if we are a visible chairman like me, take for instance being struck by lightning.

Annually about 45-50 people get struck by lightning and usually 2 lunar eclipses occur per year. This equals 5,750 people struck by lightning in a final 100 years and 5 sum lunar eclipses of a super moon have happened in that same time. Astronomy and math are incredible!

The moon looked like it was solemnly being eated by something like a dim mass. The shade solemnly consumed a whole moon from a left side to a right side. As we can see in my time relapse video a obscure lasted a good one and a half hours. My video is usually 5 mins since we edited out a lot of unsure video and played it during 8x speed. The coolest thing is that during 0:48 second symbol a craft in a thumbnail print flies right by a moon!

The hardest thing was filming a obscure and infrequently saying it by my telescope. Since a moon raises in a east, we had to try to forestall a trees from restraint my camera. As it solemnly changed southeast, it became easier since it eventually changed above a trees in my yard.  I literally had my tripod with a camera on a potion table  and we was station on a bucket usually so we can get a million dollar video.

You would consider that telescopes would be done to retard out a splendid light from a moon. Wrong! It is roughly blinding to demeanour during a moon with my telescope. The usually time we can clearly see a moon is when we have a dim limit and partial of a moon in a same frame. If it is not afterwards we literally see zero though white light. Looking during a obscure was unequivocally cold when we finally got a lenses privileged up. It was red and had stars surrounding it usually like a thumbnail print of my video of a eclipse. The moon constantly changed out of support so we had to reposition both a hundred bruise telescope and a camera on a table.

Lunar obscure of a Super Blood Moon

Lunar obscure of a Super Blood Moon

I afterwards attempted to use my IPhone to take a print of a moon by my telescopes lens. That was so formidable since carrying to line a camera adult with an opening smaller than a penny and afterwards clicking a print button  simultaneously was scarcely impossible. It took dual people and we still could not get a good photo. The best approach is to use your video camera and wizz it in and take a print of a digital screen.

I consider that all this work paid off since we got a shot that had not been taken for over 3 decades. we motionless to save we a promptness and time by creation my video usually 5 mins instead of 90…. Nobody would watch 90 mins of a moon! Plus we usually schooled how singular these forms of eclipses are, usually by doing elementary math!

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