Preview Foals’ “Howl (Supermoon)” From Radio 1 Rescores: Drive

November 3, 2014 - Supermoon

Radio One Rescores: Drive

A integrate of weeks ago, BBC radio horde Zane Lowe announced a argumentative plan Radio One Rescores: Drive – Curated By Zane Lowe, in that a series of big-name artists make adult an all-new soundtrack to a already fantastically soundtracked film Drive. We’ve listened Chvrches’ contribution, and now we can hear a bit of a instrumental “Howl (Supermoon)” from British rockers Foals, as good as a brief talk with Foals guitarist Jimmy Smith. Smith and Lowe plead a plan and a art of soundtracking in general, and they also residence some of a criticisms of a Rescores project, with Lowe arguing that “we live in a remix culture” and Smith saying, “The original’s still there. If we don’t like a new one, afterwards only go watch a aged one. we consider it’s flattering dauntless selecting Drive. That’s kind of because we wanted to do it, ’cause it’s dauntless doing a film that relies on a soundtrack a small bit.” The strain itself sounds a bit warmer and some-more organic than anything that indeed done it into a film, though it could still fit sincerely absolutely alongside any of a some-more pacific moments in Cliff Martinez’s strange score. Hear partial of a talk below, and burst towards a finish to hear a preview of “Howl (Supermoon).”

(via a Fuck Yeah Foals Forever tumblr)

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