PREMIERE: solemn sack & Karra Hook Up On The Seductive “Supermoon”

April 15, 2018 - Supermoon


After saying heaps of success with their strange partnership “Moving On“, sober rob and Karra are behind during it nonetheless again. This compare made in heaven unite once more to move us another present classic. “Supermoon” is a alluring Future RB record that is certain to siphon a essence out of you. This dipsomaniac in adore form feel serves a romantic accomplishment many find when listening to solemn rob.

This singular possesses an insinuate feeling that many are unqualified of imitating. A sound that solemn sack invariably showcases with propensity is accurately what is put on arrangement here. The record greets we with an eery strings territory that uniformly introduces a outspoken bravery of Karra. Her voice along with a bassline make adult for an overwhelming multiple identical to a Jack and Coke. Granted, everybody has their go-to drink, though who doesn’t suffer a little Jack Daniels alongside a bubbly Coca-Cola? Offering a unhappy vibe via a whole production, this ballad will immediately penetrate into your heart.

sober sack Karra – Supermoon

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PREMIERE: solemn sack Karra Hook Up On The Seductive “Supermoon

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