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March 10, 2016 - Supermoon

According to a Thai Astronomical Society, a prejudiced solar obscure will start in Phuket and Songkhla during 6:29am, reaching a limit umbra during 7:26am, afterwards final a thoroughfare opposite a face of a object during 8:29am.

Comparatively, a obscure will not start for people in Chiang Mai until 6:43am. (See list of obscure times here.)

Meanwhile, people in Indonesia on Wednesday morning will knowledge a full solar eclipse.

This will be a initial times given a final solar obscure in Thailand on a morning of May 21, 2012.

People who skip a prejudiced obscure on Wednesday morning will have to wait until 2019 for their subsequent possibility during a prejudiced obscure and 54 years some-more for a subsequent sum obscure in Thailand.

Authorities have reminded sky watchers to equivocate looking during a object with a exposed eye during a event.

At a British International School – Phuket, a teachers will be entertainment to beam students on how to “witness” a obscure while safely safeguarding their eyes.

“It is positively essential that we do not demeanour directly during an eclipse. Even a few seconds bearing to a Sun’s UV deviation can do permanent repairs to your eyes and could blind you,” warns Iain Richardson, a school’s Head of Science.

To perspective a obscure safely, arrive during a lonesome corridor between a MTB and a propagandize refectory on Wednesday morning before registration, where Mr Richardson and Mr Chambers will be on palm to let we perspective a obscure directly and indirectly but risking deleterious your eyes, pronounced a propagandize notice released progressing this week.

“The eventuality is open to anyone who happens to be in a closeness during 7:20 on Wednesday morning,” pronounced Mr Richardson.

“We have aged fashioned pin-hole ‘cameras’ to perspective a obscure and welders masks,” he added.

Just mins after a end of obscure will be a initial “supermoon” of a year. A supermoon is when a Moon passes within a nearest indicate to a Earth during a unchanging orbit.

For Phuket this will start during about 8:54am on Wednesday morning. But as a Moon will be a “new moon”, usually a “dark side” of a Moon will be confronting a Earth – definition that for a supermoon, a Moon will be manifest usually during a eclipse.

Boating enthusiasts are urged to be heedful of a open waves that a Mar 9 new moon will bring, as a supermoon outcome will intensify a point high and low tides some-more than usual.

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