Photographers constraint Essex as you’ve never seen it before for #InstaEssex competition

April 5, 2016 - Supermoon

PHOTOGRAPHERS have been “capturing a culture” of a excellent county in an Instagram foe dubbed #InstaEssex.

Since a start of he year, Essex County Council’s informative growth group has been using a Chronicle-backed foe to foster a different informative opportunities accessible in Essex, including birthright sites, museums, art, dance, song and theatre.

The campaign, in partnership with a county’s tourism residence Visit Essex, Greater Anglia and a Essex and South Suffolk Community Rail Partnership, aims to constraint a hint of Essex enlightenment in a broadest tenure though any of a clichés and sleepy stereotypes.

A pacific stage of Mersea Island, a Red Arrows drifting during Clacton and a glow eater during Maldon Mud Race were selected as a 3 winners from a shortlist of 15 pictures, that are all now on arrangement during Liverpool Street hire until a finish of May.

Chrissie Westgate’s print of a Thames sailing vessel ‘Kitty’ during a West Mersea Town Regatta (above) was a altogether leader with a esteem of £1,000. The judges chose her design given they appreciated a offset composition, both horizontally with a line of boats and plumb with a thoughtfulness in a water. They pronounced a design also illustrated a transport by history, from a aged Thames Sailing Barge once common on a Essex coast, to a some-more complicated fishing vessels.

Matthew Mallett’s design of Clacton beach (above) won a £500 second prize. He tender a judges with a splendid transparent colours of this square and ability to locate a summer atmosphere during Clacton. At initial peek it appears as if a Red Arrows competence have been edited in, however, on closer investigation we can see sunbathers looking adult to see what a resounding sound is and suffer a arrangement and charming clouds. He runs a photography business, JRM Photography, and his adore for holding cinema grown out of his daytime purpose as a crime stage investigator for 16 years, changeable dramatically from traffic with crime scenes to photographing landscape imagery in a golden hours around morning and sunset.

David Dodd’s design of Maldon sand foe maestro Joel Hills respirating glow (above) won a £250 third prize. The judges pronounced it was a “striking design of a singly Essex event” that conveyed a hint of wanting to be in a right place during a right time to “capture a flitting moment”.

David is an pledge photographer and bought his camera for a holiday to constraint transparent digital pictures. He’s been bending holding photos of perspective and people ever since.

The other shortlisted entries that will seem in a London Liverpool Street muster are:

International award-winning photographer Chrissie Westgate, of Mersea, mostly travels to India to sketch people as good as capturing internal events like Mersea Week, desiring that “photography is not usually about seeing, it is about feeling”. Here, she has photographed Firstsite in Colchester

Brian Duffy’s snap of Harlow legends Rik Mayall and Sir Charles Kao. As a photographer formed in Sawbridgeworth, Duffy easily captures all from, still life Macro shots, to grand expanded landscapes, sports and portraiture. Among his portfolio some of his many distinguished photographs are his street, urban, vehement and documentary character images. Brian entered ‘Harlow Playhouse Theatre Posters’ into a #InstaEssex foe to prominence a extent of Essex Culture. “These posters on a side of Harlow Playhouse uncover that there is some-more to Essex than TOWIE. Rik Mayall, a famous comedian and actor was innate in Harlow and Sir Charles Kao, who is recognized as a ‘father of broadband’ by is twine ocular investigate is recognized as a name of a University Technical College during Harlow College,” he said.

Creative humanities veteran photographer John Puczkowski works and lives in a Chelmsford. His adore and passion for photography has taken him all around a universe from Alaska, South America, Europe, Africa and a Far East operative in organisation with tourism. The artistic position to his work and a adore and passion he has for his photography has gained him approval as a prolonged station professional. John’s design is of a now scrapped City Diversions informative event.

John Weedon’s seductiveness in photography began in a 1940’s while he was during delegate school. He finds fun in holding and afterwards displaying prints that have human-interest, are eye throwing and elicit an emotion. Living in Maldon and being a member of a Maldon Camera Club and gives John an inducement to use my hobby though travelling too far. John’s design entitled ‘Foot’ was taken in a drift of a fascinating Museum of Power, situated usually outward Maldon that facilities a overwhelming array of steam powered engines and iconic machine via a ages.

Julie Goddard is an eager pledge photographer. Her seductiveness was irritated with her initial camera during a immature age. She enjoys holding cinema of life, sunsets, sunrises and a ever changing landscape of a sea and sky that we love. For Julie, this design of Harwich Art festival represents her adore of arts, a village and a clarity of fun. Eastern Exposure: Piano Transplant No.4 was a overwhelming art installation, where a piano after being played for one night only, was left to solemnly erode and sunder by a sea.

Marc Newton is a veteran photographer and clergyman of photography operative in Essex and London. Marc is ardent about documenting complicated life with photography, focusing on people, their security and a places they live, all with an probity and singular nature, formulating insinuate cinema of a people and places that make adult these colourful tools of England. Gilbies, Southend on Sea is partial of an ongoing plan documenting a life of Southend on Sea. Marc is drawn to a area due to a nostalgia of days out by a sea and a people, who remind him of what a East End used to be like when flourishing up. This design captures Marc’s favourite time to revisit Southend, when it’s still and grey.

Mark uses Leigh-on-Sea’s windy Old Town as a backdrop for his work, that captures daily dramas in a lives of a diverse, ever-changing cast. His stars are a attract diggers and day trippers, a vessel owners and cafeteria crawlers, indeed usually about anybody during work or play on Leigh’s wharves and cobbled streets. Mark composes images that tell stories, or tools of stories. Table for Five celebrates Leigh-on-Sea’s enlightenment of cockles. Visitors group to Billet Wharf to feast on a shellfish caught, baked and sole in a area. Just beware seagulls.

In Sep 2015, Martyn Rainbird became meddlesome in photography and took a Digital Photography Introduction march during Witham Adult Education Centre. He began with a compress camera and shortly after bought his initial DSLR. He enjoys capturing images during internal places of seductiveness such as Tiptree Heath, Marks Hall and Fingringhoe inlet reserve. Martyn entered this design as a standard operative life stage of oyster fishing on a Essex coast. The universe eminent oysters from a Colchester District are an critical partial of a internal village dating behind to Roman times and continue to yield a gastronomic traveller plcae to this day. The judging row felt that this design summed adult a ancestral use of Oyster fishing, that has been function for centuries. It is a picture of bland life, a slight practice, though is maybe astonishing for Essex. The annual Oyster Fayre is on 4th – 5th Jun in Colchester in 2016 highlighting this informative and birthright aspect of Essex.

Currently located in Essex, Paul K Porter looks to try a sourroundings and constraint it in his possess special way. The categorical reason behind his photography is to share his prophesy of a universe with others and enthuse them to try too. Basildon has a nickname Basvegas for a sights and sounds found during Festival Leisure park. BasVegasWood is a prolonged bearing design taken from a A127 highlighting a Basildon pointer with some light trails from flitting cars as they conduct in all directions.

Scott Francis is a veteran photographer from Basildon, who especially takes portraits. Scott has prisoner a ancestral Hadleigh Castle during night with a overwhelming supermoon of 2015. The 13th century palace is partial of English Heritage and was a chateau of Edward III, now some-more recently famous as a site where a 2012 London Olympics Mountain Bike races were held. Scott’s reason for entering this design was that it referenced many cultures; “the attractions of Southend-on-Sea bustling with people looking for a good night out, a tiny still city of Leigh-on-sea (to a left) with people settling down for a still night in. There is also a c2c rail line (to a right) that many people transport on to pierce in and out of Essex for business and pleasure and of march a satisfaction and birthright of Hadleigh Castle that overlooks all peacefully, total with a Essex seashore to a right along with a nation walks and to tip it off with a fantastic supermoon for a honourable spectator, a perspective fit for a king”.

Simon Rudkins’ photography is about capturing a emotions and feelings of a times, places and events that figure a lives. His seductiveness in photography began over twenty-five years ago, that has been reignited given a attainment of his children by wanting to emanate a bequest of their lives for them and destiny generations. What started as a record of his fast building family fast branched out into capturing a hint of a places and events they have experienced. This design facilities Colchester Free Festival, an annual 100% village led, proffer run, not for distinction event. It exists to move together a village in Colchester to applaud a towns culture, story and heritage. The Free Festival provides an outside jubilee that both boosts a internal economy and showcases a best of internal music, humanities and artistic talent. Simon entered this design as for him it typifies a festival enlightenment opposite Essex each summer.

The judges were tender with a artistic combination of Sue Ebert’s square as a array of epitome shapes and splendid colours make a pleasing design while still being recognizable as Grayson Perry’s iconic ‘A House for Essex’. Sue submitted this design as she feels “fortunate to have this distinguished and singular residence in Wrabness, located in a overwhelming setting. It was designed by Chelmsford innate artist, Grayson Perry, as a tabernacle to illusory Essex woman, Julie.The building pays loyalty to tradition event chapels within Essex while being a contemporary building, featuring singular chronological and contemporary Essex sum such as a Essex Seaxes. An architectural work in a possess right ‘A House for Essex’ also houses a series of Grayson Perry works.

To see some-more cinema from a foe click here.

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