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February 9, 2017 - Supermoon

All we could do was lay and wait to see if a moon was going to arise in a accurate area that we was anticipating it would. And, of course, it didn’t. we was too distant to a left and therefore couldn’t line adult a shot. So we took off sprinting by a dried with hopes of anticipating a angle as a intense nightfall began to fade. As we ran over and farther, we began to remove Garrison behind a vast stone formation. By a time all lined up, any vestige of object had left so we shot what we could with a dim conditions, meaningful that a initial 10 mins of a moonrise was a usually time to truly spike a shot.

However, we knew we had a second possibility given a moon would be environment around 4:40am. This time we was sharpened from a conflicting side of a highline and was means to watch a moon solemnly drop towards a horizon, that done it most easier to track.

Those final 15 mins before a moon set were pristine magic! When centring a theme in front of a moon, it’s a matter of stepping a feet to a left or right, crouching down or sharpened eye level.

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