Penang peep floods blamed on ‘supermoon’ phenomenon

August 7, 2015 - Supermoon

State supervision says inundate slackening skeleton are in several stages of execution and will assistance solve flooding issues soon.


GEORGE TOWN: A continue materialisation called “supermoon” has been blamed for a new spell of aroused thunderstorms lashing Penang and that has resulted in peep floods early this week.

According to state executive councillor Phee Boon Poh, a “supermoon” was famous to start during a sixth and seventh lunar moon of a year.

Saying a impassioned continue condition was done worse by clever southwest and northwest winds floating in from a Indian Ocean and South China Sea, he explained that rising tides had influenced a upsurge of empty H2O so causing waters to arise and outcome in peep floods.

He pronounced among a directives released to applicable agencies early this year in credentials for a “supermoon” phenomenon, was to trim trees along bustling roads.

“Fishermen regulating smaller boats have also been warned about a materialisation as we design high tides and (rough) waves,” pronounced Phee, who is in assign of a Welfare, Caring Society and Environment portfolios.

Last October, comparison executive councillor Chow Kon Yeow announced a pierce to work on a inundate slackening devise formed on master skeleton for 5 executive districts in a state, that are during several stages of completion.

All master skeleton finalised during district turn will form a basement of an altogether macro state master devise to solve flooding issues.

Meanwhile inundate slackening projects carried out by genuine estate developers, internal councils and a Department of Drainage and Irrigation (DID) would have to belong to a discipline given in a state and district master plans.

Chow announced this after several tools of Penang, including George Town, were strike by peep floods that caused complicated trade overload and repairs to properties.

While critics have blamed extreme mountain slicing and high firmness developments as a categorical culprits, Chow, who binds a Local Government, Traffic Management and Flood Mitigation portfolio, discharged these criticisms, claiming that scarcely complicated storms had done a flooding unavoidable.


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