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August 22, 2014 - Supermoon

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CLEAR LAKE GT;GT; On Aug. 10, a organisation of 16 paddleboarders led by Mike Conser, owners of Mendo-Lake SUP, embarked on a debate underneath a Aug supermoon.

On that day, a moon was during a closest stretch to a earth, or perigee, that can make it seem 30 times brighter and 14-percent incomparable than usual.

The paddleboarders launched nearby Library Park in Lakeport during a First Street vessel ramp and silently paddled northward along a shoreline. In anticipation, they watched a object blur behind a western hills while a moon crept above Mt. Konocti amidst skinny wisps of stratus clouds.

The organisation incited on their headlamps to a softer light environment to keep lane of any other and sojourn manifest to motorboats.

As a moon rose above a clouds, a organisation paddled toward a moon. After a while, they motionless to only deposit and catch a gloomy beauty of a moonlit universe and a vivid conformation of Mt. Konocti in a distance. The H2O lapped kindly opposite their play as they took in a night in pondering wonder. Someone pennyless a calm whispering, “this is a many fantastic knowledge I’ve ever had in my life.”

At around 10 p.m., with a moon high above a clouds, a paddlers reluctantly done their approach behind to a vessel ramp.

The Harvest Moon will arise on Sept. 8, and another full moon paddle is planned.

Mendo-Lake SUP is a new association in Lakeport that rents and sells stand-up paddleboards, as good as provides end trips and coreboarding, mixing yoga and pilates on paddleboards.

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