Norwalk Reflector: BUSEK: Columnist’s super moon is year-end hiatus

January 19, 2017 - Supermoon

I have my possess Monday journal columnist chronicle of a Super Moon.

It is a singular Year End Hiatus. It occurs once each 6 or 7 years when there are Christmas and New Year’s holidays on uninterrupted Mondays.

That means there is no paper on those days. And, hence, no Monday column.

In other words, this is my final mainstay of a year. I’m off until 2017, baby!


It’s not that we don’t like essay this mainstay each week. It’s only that we suffer a newness of not doing it once in a while.

Besides, 2016 was utterly a year in a Busek household. See if we don’t consider I’ve warranted a integrate of Mondays off.

January: we disturbed divided many of a month expecting an appointment with my cardiologist. Two years progressing he reliable that we had a infirm heart valve. we was certain during this Jan appointment he was going to allot medicine to reinstate it. He did. He pronounced dual tools of my aorta indispensable to be fixed, too.

February: Cleveland Clinic appointments, tests and some-more stress done this month a blur.

March: Eight hours in surgery, a 7 in. hole in my chest, 6 days in a hospital, 3 critical physique tools switched out for new ones and one mother authorised to request for sainthood after assisting me by it highlighted a third month of 2016.

April: we distinguished my birthday as we all should — by being alive.

May: we began attending cardiac rehab sessions during Fisher-Titus. we insincere it was going to be some baby chronicle of going to a gym. But it incited out to be 90 minutes, 3 days a week of operative unequivocally hard: walking on a treadmill, straining my arms and legs on a still bike, pulling and pulling and lifting complicated things, stepping adult and down over and over, swapping on an elliptical and a rowing machine. Eventually we got to where it no longer totally kicked my butt. And we still go dual days a week. It’s a good workout. And there is always a medical veteran within easy resuscitation distance—just in case.

June: we did a 5K footrace this month, only 90 days after my surgery. Okay, it was partial of a Disney cruise. And we was impossibly slow. But still we had a clarity that Mickey and Donald were unapproachable of me.

July: we got behind in a journey transport business. You know all about it, of course. But it was noted for me to conduct out for a 16-day, seven-state, 5,000-mile pushing outing punctuated by hikes adult plateau and glow towers, bicycling in withering heat, visiting 3 inhabitant parks and walking opposite a Mississippi River headwaters.

August: More journey travel, this time to Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Bigger mountains, kayaking and rafting and a integrate of up-close moose. Not for a gloomy of heart, which, during last, we was not.

September: we taught dual small boys to float their bikes though training wheels. This might not sound like much, though it was a really aerobic activity for a running-along-beside guy. And, oh yeah, we adventured in 4 some-more states on a 10-day trip: Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. we gathering roundtrip from Ohio again. Solo.

October: Char and we gathering to Florida with a stop during Ohio University Homecoming on a way. we had deteriorate tickets and did not skip any of a 6 OU home football games this year. we went to a divided diversion during Kansas in September, too. Fun.

November: we began what we suspicion would be harmless diagnosis of a skin on my face and head, object shop-worn over a life of drifting exposure. we practical a cream which, over a march of a full month, done it demeanour like we had stranded my conduct in a blast furnace. At one indicate it got bad adequate that, as we approached a restaurant, Char said: “Do we consider we should maybe wear a shawl inside? we mean, people are perplexing to eat in there.” The good news is a diagnosis worked. They still don’t label me when we go to buy a beer, though utterly a few of a age spots on my conduct are gone.

December: As we mentioned, we am removing in a holiday suggestion by holding a subsequent dual Mondays off. However, don’t consider of it as me sharpened we my chronicle of a Super Moon. Rather, greatfully know how most we value your seductiveness in and support for whatever is going on in this space all a other weeks of a year. Merry Christmas.


Jim Busek is a independent author who lives in Norwalk. He can be reached around e-mail during jimbusek@

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