Neil Pennycook: ‘I’m reclaiming Meursault’

August 16, 2016 - Supermoon

Following a new fan-exciting teaser, Alex Watson marks down Edinburgh musician Neil Pennycook to find out some-more about Meursault, Supermoon – and a male behind them both

It’s almost two years ago to a day that Edinburgh musician Neil Pennycook bade farewell to a pseudonym he’d been personification underneath and formulating underneath for 8 years, with one final spine-tingling and fantastic live performance.

It felt organisation and final, and when we sat down with Neil a few months later to speak about his new project, Supermoon, he was austere that Meursault was now only an often-mispronounced square of song history.

So, only a few weeks ago – on Jul 26 – when Pennycook mysteriously common a couple to “the initial lane from a new album” on Meursault’s Facebook page, we could know a internet’s vehement confusion.

Rather than nonplus over a possibilities, we went true to a source to find out accurately what this pierce means for Meursault, Supermoon and a male behind them both.

Hi Neil. When we talked behind during a finish of 2014, it seemed like we were putting Meursault to bed for a final time. What changed?

“For a while there we was sincerely certain that I’d put Meursault behind me. When we started out underneath that name, we deliberate it to be a solo project, yet as things progressed and a array of people concerned grew, a energetic altered and Meursault became some-more of a rope in a normal sense.

“While we don’t bewail holding that proceed it put me in unknown territory, and we found that we wasn’t quite gentle or means to work in that way. Long story short, it got to a theatre where we felt we had to ‘push a reset button’ and start again underneath a new name.

“After a year or so operative as Supermoon, we began to notice similarities between what we was doing now and how we had approached things as Meursault – generally on those initial dual records. After procrastinating for a few months, we came to a end that we wanted to retrieve Meursault and continue where I’d left off, rather than start from blemish as Supermoon.

“Besides, no one could spell Supermoon.”

The manuscript proclamation was a pleasing warn for lots of people – has it been in a works for a prolonged time, or was it a sincerely extemporaneous decision?

“The manuscript – I Will Kill Again – is what I’d been operative on as Supermoon. In truth, I’d dictated this to be a pretension of a fourth Meursault record before my self-imposed exile, so it’s good to have had a time to strength it out and work adult a lyrics and themes of a album.

“It was available during The Happiness Hotel, that is owned by my good companion and prolonged tenure co-operator Matthew Young (Song, By Toad) who is also releasing a album.”

What can we design from a new album?

“Musically, we consider a manuscript sounds like a delay of All Creatures Will Make Merry total with some of a ‘spookier’ elements from Farewell, Bastard Mountain. we consider a large reason for this is that a record was self produced.

“While I’m unequivocally unapproachable of a third Meursault manuscript – Something for a Weakened – and Pete Harvey did a good pursuit with a mix, we consider I’d underestimated how most my prolongation character sensitive a music.

“Lyrically, a new manuscript is both darker (but not too dark) and funnier (but not too funny) than anything I’ve finished before. It unequivocally taps into that classical ‘Kurt-Vonnegut-sits-down-with-Mark-David-Chapman-to-discuss-how-to-rid-the-universe-of-all-evil-only-to-discover-that-they’re-alone-at-the-end-of-the-world-and-that-they-themselves-are-both-one-in-the-same’ vibe that everyone’s going crazy for these days.”

The response to a proclamation has been intensely certain so distant – how did it make we feel? Are we shaken about entrance behind as Meursault?

“It’s been impossibly enlivening and it’s really finished me feel assured in my decision. The regard and ubiquitous goodwill that people have shown towards a plan is something that we consider we might have ignored over a final few years.”

Will there be some-more live shows underneath a name?

“Absolutely. Expect an proclamation really shortly with regards to shows and tours, both in a UK and beyond. While I’ll be coming live shows as a solo artist, I’ll also be enlisting a assistance of some aged pals.”

Can we design to hear aged Meursault marks played live again, and how do we feel about personification them?

“I’ll really be dipping into a behind catalog some-more than we have finished in a past. I’m distant some-more gentle doing that these days, and can sympathise with prior bandmates and audiences who’ve been rather murderous with my enterprise to play especially new element during live shows.

“That said, I’m really vehement to uncover off a new songs so we can substantially design an even separate of aged and new.”

What about Supermoon?

“I intend to keep Supermoon as a name that we can use to put out spontaneous or initial releases, and as a pretension of my ongoing comic array that we wish will see a light day someday in a not-too-distant future.

“In a meantime yet it’ll be full steam forward as Meursault.”

Neil Pennycook plays live ancillary Grandaddy during Summerhall, Edinburgh on Aug 22 – more info

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