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July 11, 2017 - Supermoon

California transplant

I grew adult only outward Lake Tahoe in California. I’ve worked in a few opposite industries including excellent art, retail, and New Image Brewing is my fourth grill that I’ve run. we was on a highway trip. we did 3,800 miles over dual months. we kind of had a feeling we wanted to live in Colorado and we gathering by Arvada — randomly. And we stopped in Olde Town and totally felt a appetite that we wanted to live here. So i continued my highway outing and afterwards came back. That was Jan of 2016 — dual months before New Image Brewing opened.

At New Image Brewing

I’m a ubiquitous manager during New Image now. I’m also food and libation manager, part-time prep cook, part-time barkeeper and full-time server — literally all we can do for front-of-house. We have a drink called East Coast Transplant and everybody always asks if I’m a East Coast transplant. So, we put adult a West Coast print portfolio. Most of a photos unresolved in a brewery are from Oregon, California and Utah.


I complicated photography and business in college, and photography has always been a passion project. we like unequivocally large landscapes. we wish a support to be totally full with content. There’s not a lot of disastrous space in my photos. Stars, sunsets and thespian clouds from a charge are what we like. Recently, I’ve gotten into print stitching, where we use mixed photos to make one image. we do blurb work for businesses, though this is what we like to fire a most. A lot of it is low-light photography. One of a photos unresolved in a brewery is during 11:45 during night during a super moon. The moon illuminated a hollow and it looks like day. More of my work can be seen during


One of a bigger reasons we changed to Colorado was for a snowboarding. When we lived in Tahoe, we would house 80 days a year. Then we changed to a seashore and it was a six-hour drive. So we indispensable to get behind to a mountains. we roller and wakeboard, though snowboarding is my jam. My favorite place in Colorado is Blue Sky Basin in Vail.

Fun fact

I sole excellent art in Vegas for 3 years — bronze sculptures. we worked for a central artist for Cirque du Soleil, who changed me from Carmel, California to Vegas. we was a skater punk, tattooed, though we was wearing a fit and tie and we could never tell.

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