Mike Corn: A final farewell

March 25, 2016 - Supermoon

By now, readers of The Hays Daily News have seen what I’ve been doing a final 8 years or so, nonetheless my reign here has been most longer.

Suffice it to say, we am withdrawal with memories aplenty.

The plantation predicament of a early 1980s among them, as good as what was (I hope) affectionately referred to by former HDN Editor and Publisher Julie Doll as a Mike Corn Memorial Fossil Collecting Bill.

It was, for a uninitiated, a check that came about after fossils hunters started carting off profitable fossils underneath cover of retirement or a guise of simply collecting shark’s teeth.

The law is still on a books, though expected abandoned as a emanate as depressed by a wayside.

So too has a plantation crisis, that sent farmers and bankers to a bad residence — and a few to their early death.

Those were perplexing times to contend a least. I’m mostly reminded of that duration and a crowd of stories we had written, mostly by those I’ve created about.

The plantation economy is struggling a bit right now, though zero like it was afterwards when seductiveness rates were sky-high and land values were collapsing faster than bank examiners could complete a difference foreclosure or sequence a bank closure.

I was means to tab along on dual bank closures, in Russell and in Herington. Those were engaging times, to contend a least. Days that I’ll pass on doing over, appreciate we really much.

I’ve also watched as oil prices collapsed, most as they’re doing now. Prices in a ’80s were reduce then, though a problems were most a same.

I would, however, have to advise oil group were maybe a hold some-more disposed to financial bust afterwards as they are today.

Oh, we could go on.

The murders, a everlasting stories about H2O shortages and a discussions about how to repair a problems.

We’re no closer currently than we were 20 years ago, notwithstanding mouth use in state government.

These are sparkling times in many respects, though they’re not adequate to tempt me to hang around another 30 years or so.

Instead, I’ll conduct off on another venture, whatever that competence be. I’m certain I’ll work a bit part-time, essay some and who knows what else.

I have copiousness of interests, including photography and a good outdoors.

I’m also formulation to work during progressing an active blog, full with observations and comments on stream events using a progression of what’s function in Kansas. I’ll continue to call it a approach we see it, though we won’t be as compelled perhaps.

You’ll be means to find me during kansasjournalist.blogspot.com. You can strech me by that blog, or during kansasjournalist@gmail.com.

So we see, I’m not going away. Quieting down perhaps. Perhaps not.

After all, it’s formidable to get ink out of a person’s blood.

source ⦿ http://www.hdnews.net/news/local/mike-corn-a-final-farewell/article_52bfd6f8-56da-5959-905b-bb4e61ffbb5c.html

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