Mercury Transit Linked To Biblical World Destruction Prophecy: Doomsday Prophecies Spark End Of The World Fears …

May 8, 2016 - Supermoon

Wacky online doomsday prophets have been bustling newly stirring a pot of doomsday violence with solemn-toned warnings of sulfur, fire, and brimstone boundless rage to accompany a transit of Mercury opposite a Sun on Monday, May 9, 2016. According to YouTube doomsday prophets, biblical prophecies uncover that a arriving movement of universe Mercury signals a derivation of universe drop in accomplishment of centuries-old biblical baleful prophecies.

Among several auspicious doomsday messages uploaded to YouTube joining a movement of Mercury with biblical drop prophesies, a summary uploaded online on May 1, 2016, by an online doomsday soothsayer who styles himself The Prophetico has gained substantial courtesy expected due to a minute investigate of a purported justification that tomorrow is a finish of a world.

Although, a movement of Mercury opposite a Sun is a healthy materialisation that occurs several times in a century, Monday’s event, according to The Prophetico, promises to be singular in all story since it will be accompanied by a horde of scary astronomical alignments that portend sincerely for gullible depraved humanity.

“Put on sackcloth, my people, and hurl in ashes; weep with sour wailing… for unexpected a destroyer will come on us.” Jeremiah 6: 26

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According to a doomsday prophet, a investigate of biblical eschatology and associated numerology army a finish that Monday’s eventuality is related to Armageddon and universe destruction. Although created centuries ago, a Bible, according to online doomsday prophets and swindling theorists, foretold that a universe will finish tomorrow as Mercury transits a Sun.

The Prophetico explains that a settlement of fixing of planets relations to apart star constellations as Mercury transits a Sun indicates unambiguously that Earth is going to get literally whacked tomorrow by a boundless mace in a skies.

Spiritually-minded biblical eschatologists know that tomorrow’s astronomical eventuality is special due to pieces and pieces of justification that raise adult to an destined conclusion, Prophetico insists.

The initial square of justification that a finish is close and that it competence be too late for a universe to grieve of a immorality ways is suggested in a puzzling phenomenon of a series 3 in tie with a start of a new moon cycle on May 6 and a conflict of a movement of Mercury on May 9.

The Prophetico reveals that in biblical numerology, a series 3 represents passionate sin.

The disproportion between a series 9 in May 9 and a series 6 in May 6 is three. This couldn’t be a coincidence, according to a prophet, generally during a time that a universe is being depraved increasingly by passionate sins.

If God broken Sodom and Gomorrah for sex sins, he could do it again, biblical doomsday theorists argue.

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The fact that a full moon on May 6 was a supermoon gives additional justification that a series 3 pointer is significant, according to a YouTube prophet.

A supermoon is a full moon that occurs when a Earth’s healthy satellite creates closest proceed along a elliptical orbital path.

The moon appears in a sky as a crescent on May 9, 3 days after a supermoon on May 6.

If we occur to be armed with a good telescope in Jerusalem, a Holy Land, on May 9, when a movement begins, hunt a skies and we will observe something strange and mind-blowing: The crescent of a moon aligns with a Orion star constellation in a demeanour that turns Orion’s Club into a peaked mace.

The coming of a peaked mace in a sky is not a coincidence, a doomsday soothsayer assures. It is a pointer of boundless rage and a vigilance of approaching worldwide destruction. It is a pitch of God wielding a rod of visual visualisation to lambaste a Earth and a people thereof in angry annoy as punishment for an contentment of evil.

“The moon itself has been incited into a sickle, so literally branch Orion’s bar into a mace as he strikes a lion’s whelp along a cheek, during a transit,” a soothsayer explains.

The soothsayer afterwards goes on to exhibit a horde of other astronomical alignments that infer a finish of a universe has come.

The Sun, Venus, Mercury, Earth, Mars, and Saturn will also align in a skies to form a crescent. The usually universe that will challenge a settlement is a universe Jupiter.

But Jupiter’s non-alignment is not a outcome of a boundless oversight, a soothsayer assures. On a contrary, Jupiter’s position in a skies is “extremely auspicious looking.”

During a fixing of a Sun, Venus, Mercury, Earth, Mars, and Saturn, Jupiter will be positioned in a constellation Leo, a star arrangement that represents a Lion of Judah in biblical astrology, according to a prophet.

In a New Testament, Jesus is a Lion of Judah. Jupiter’s fixing with a Lion of Judah constellation points to a Second Coming of Jesus, a conflict of Armageddon, and a drop of a world.

“These conclusions force us to suppose about what this could meant to a observer,” The Prophetico writes.

He afterwards speculates about what could occur during a movement that leads to a inauspicious impact on Earth.

“Will Mercury movement a object in a wrong position?” a soothsayer wonders. “Will a parallax be off causing it to seem too vast or too small? If not could we declare a large impact that knocks it out of circuit altogether? If not now will this occur whenever a ‘end times’ are on us? These hypotheses certainly direct serve investigate and development.”

The soothsayer ends his extensive investigate with a anxiety to chapters 3 by 5 of a Old Testament Book of Micah, where God promises to send down drop on universe leaders who have depraved Earth with lies and abominations.

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