Mercury pierce tied to Bible ‘destruction’ prophecy

May 9, 2016 - Supermoon

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May 9, 2016, heralds a comparatively singular astronomical phenomenon: Mercury will movement opposite a face of a sun.

The innermost world will take about 7 hours to make a trek, and during that time it will expel a little shade on Earth. It will be manifest from many places with a difference of Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and islands in a West Pacific. The movement will start during 7:12 a.m. EDT and finish during 2:42 p.m.

But this sold movement is some-more than usually a healthy materialisation that happens between 8 and 13 times a century. The YouTube channel The Prophetico says a approach in that a planets will line adult in and with star constellations might meant a finish is near. The stress is due to some “spooky” astronomical behavior.

Specifically, May 6 was a start of a new moon cycle, and it will be a “super moon” where a moon reaches a closest indicate in a circuit to Earth.

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Three days later, on May 9, when a Mercury movement occurs, a moon will be in a crescent state to viewers on Earth.

The Express notes, “The series 3 is poignant here as according to it is associated to sex sins in a Bible.”

Additionally, from a vantage indicate in Jerusalem, a crescent moon will line adult with a Orion star constellation, branch Orion’s bar in to a “mace.” The Prophetico goes on to say: “The moon itself has been incited into a sickle, so literally branch Orion’s bar into a mace as he strikes a lion’s whelp along a cheek, during a movement [of Mercury]”.

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The positions of a object and a planets – Venus, Mercury, Earth, Mars, and Saturn – emanate another crescent.

Jupiter is a usually world not descending into a pattern. According to a narrator, “this is intensely auspicious looking” given from Earth’s perspective, Jupiter sits in a constellation Leo – that in Biblical terms is a Lion of Judah.

The Prophetico warns that this could be a pointer that this could be interpreted as a finish times for humanity.

“When we take a demeanour during this,” says a narrator, “take note that Orion is a pointer of a lambaste per Micah section five.”

In Micah, chapters 3 by five, Micah asks God to take down a leaders who have depraved a people and lied to them. Micah calls for drop and God’s power to be established.

The subsequent movement of Mercury will start in 2019, though a heavenly alignments will no longer seem as a crescent.

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