Melbourne twin take on NYC with Supermoon Bakehouse

April 2, 2018 - Supermoon

New York City – if we can bake it there, we can bake it anywhere. In late 2017, Melburnians Ry Stephen and Aron Tzimas non-stop Supermoon Bakehouse in Manhattan, and their boundary-pushing pastries have been offered out each day since.

Instagram has been a large driver, enlivening fans to #baketheinternet, though carrying a fritter cook during a helm positively matches peculiarity to quirk. 

Stephen apprenticed underneath Gary Cooper (Bella Vedere, Prosperina Bakehouse), enlightening his fritter skills in Melbourne and Paris before eventually apropos a first partner of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seoul).

A Supermoon croissant filled with hazelnut praline and dim chocolate ganache.
A Supermoon croissant filled with hazelnut praline and dim chocolate ganache. Photo: Aron Tzimas

“There was copiousness of room in a city like New York to move in a product that hasn’t unequivocally done a approach here yet,” says Stephen.

“It’s what we adore doing and to some border we’ve introduced this form of fritter to New York.”

A array of new flavours has only dropped, including an nobleman grey tea and orange bicolour croissant, while in a delectable dilemma there’s a twice-baked spinach cake pastry, finish with bechamel and cheddar.

Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld are fans of a lychee berry croissant and Insta-celebrity visits embody @foodbabyny and @breadfaceblog, a latter a puzzling lady whose 200,000 supporters check in to watch videos of her smashing her face into baked goods.

Melbourne baker Ry Stephen.
Melbourne baker Ry Stephen. Photo: Supplied

Stacked shimmering boxes, neon lighting and a salmon pinkish terrazzo dais cocktail opposite a petrify room walls.

Passers-by consider it’s an art designation until they get a closer demeanour – it’s partial of a interest for a group who call themselves “weirdoughs”.

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120 Rivington Street, New York,

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