May’s Night Sky: Flower Moon, Meteor Shower, Supermoon

May 3, 2017 - Supermoon

It’s usually a tiny some-more than 3 months before tools of America are treated to a astronomical eventuality of a past 4 decades, the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. Until then, sky gazers will have most to marvel during in May’s night sky.

This month we can design the flower moon, a meteor showering and a new moon supermoon. For those with binoculars or a telescope, there are other engaging things to see.

Eta-Aquariid Meteor Shower

The annual Eta-Aquariid meteor shower began Apr 19 and will continue by May 28, reaching its peak on May 5-6, according to

This meteor showering is improved seen in a Southern Hemisphere, though those in a north will still have a event to locate some descending stars. 

Robert Lundsford of a International Meteor Organization pronounced the best time to perspective a shower is usually before dawn. He recommends removing as distant from a light wickedness in cities as probable and holding during slightest 20 mins to concede your eyes to entirely adjust to a dark.

“Give yourself during slightest an hour of observation time for examination any meteor shower,” he said. “Meteors tend to come in spurts that are interspersed by lulls.”

Flower Full Moon

The Flower full moon will bedazzle star gazers in May. (BalazsKovacs/Getty Images)

May’s full moon goes by several names: a flower full moon, a divert full moon, a mother’s full moon and a corn planting full moon. 

The moon will gleam in all a excellence May 10 and will be a usually day this month a moon will sojourn in a sky All other days, a moon will arise or set during illumination hours, records

According to, people vital in New York City can see that full moon during 5:55 a.m. ET.

New Moon Supermoon

This year’s closest supermoon is indeed a new moon and not a full moon. It’s a initial time this has occurred given 2009, according to

The supermoon will trigger perigean open tides, which can means coastal flooding as sea levels arise from a lift of a moon. 

The new moon supermoon will start May 25-26.

Jupiter’s Red Spot

Jupiter and a Great Red Spot, prisoner by a Hubble Telescope. (NASA)

For those with a telescope, a good time to get a glance of Jupiter’s red mark will tumble on May 11. 

“While not utterly as vast in a night sky as in April, a world Jupiter will continue to browbeat a heavens for most of May,” notes Michael D’Estries of Mother Nature Network. “This creates it a ideal aim for even astronomers with tiny telescopes to collect out and marvel during a beauty.”

The best time to see Jupiter is around 8:30 p.m. internal time.


Mercury can be seen here subsequent to a moon. (John Chumack/Getty Images)

Mercury is another world to check out in May. Although we won’t need a telescope for this celestial sight, it competence assistance to squeeze your binoculars for a improved view.  

The best time to perspective a world is before emergence May 18, suggests, when it reaches a farthest stretch from a sun. 

Like a Eta-Aquariid meteor shower, those in a southern hemisphere will have a best possibility to perspective a world closest to a sun.

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