Louis CK Quit Twitter. But Why?

November 3, 2014 - Supermoon

Photo: Courtesy of Louie.

As of final night, it appears that everyone’s dear crankypants, Louis C.K., sensitively deleted his Twitter account. Happy Monday to no one.

C.K. always had a occasionally and radical participation on a medium. Rather than abiding by a amicable contract’s revelation that entertainers self-promote with witty, 140-character missives 24 hours a day, he only did his possess thing. Sometimes, his thing was angry dad-ranting about a Common Core curriculum. Sometimes his thing was positing a new origin story for a existence of tellurian kind. (It’s something to do with how a star is a spaceship and Mars crashed into a moon and we’re all done of Martian DNA. Rest assured, Louis swore he was definitely not high when he tweeted this.)

Then, there were weeks and months of overpower when Louis explained he only couldn’t “think of anything to tweet.” Fair adequate — a man is busy. When producing his FX show, Louie, he writes, directs, and edits each part (oh, and appears in roughly each scene). He also has corner control of his dual children, spending half a week as a singular father to his daughters. Louis is a first to admit that being a operative primogenitor shouldn’t acquire him any medals, though it competence explain because he’s got some-more critical things to do than twitter about how crazy a #supermoon looks.

But, we’ll skip those smart, funny, irate, clearly pointless occasions when Louis graced us with his tweets. In a grand culmination final month, a comedian ripped into ISIS, evidently barbarous by a group’s position on female sex slaves. “I’m 47. seen a lot of assholes. But these ISIS fuckfaces are a worst,” he said. “ISIS greatfully splash Sunoco gas and afterwards have a smoke.” He went on to diatribe about their actions, his contempt for a organisation as a whole, and serve striking suggestions as to all a opposite ways they might, well, go fuck themselves. Louis concludes with a sign that, “Fuck ISIS doesn’t meant yay America. I’m not observant this as an American. we don’t trust they’re entrance here. I’m a Martian.”

We know, Louis. We’ll skip you.

source ⦿ http://www.refinery29.com/2014/11/77223/louis-ck-quits-twitter

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