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January 18, 2016 - Supermoon

There’s a sum lunar obscure this weekend. And if a continue cooperates, we will be means to see it here in southeast Texas.

Chief Meteorologist Tim Heller says a lunar obscure occurs when a sun, earth and moon line adult and a shade of a earth falls opposite a aspect of a moon. You’ll initial start to notice a shade during 8:07pm Sunday evening. It will solemnly allege opposite a aspect of a moon until it’s entirely lonesome during 9:47pm. The shade will partially cover a moon until 11:27pm.

Unlike a solar eclipse, Tim says it’s OK to demeanour directly during a moon.

Sunday’s obscure will be even some-more fantastic since it coincides with a “Supermoon.” The circuit of a moon around a earth is not a ideal round and during times it’s closer to a earth than during other times, creation it seem somewhat larger. According to NASA, a moon appears about 14 percent incomparable than normal during a Supermoon.

The subsequent time we’ll be means to see a sum lunar obscure in Houston will be Jul 27, 2018. And a lunar obscure won’t coincide with a Supermoon again for another 18 years.

Photos from October’s blood moon

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