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April 4, 2018 - Supermoon

MIDDLEPORT — Road to Azure recently expelled a entrance album, “Once in a Blue Supermoon,” an strange brew of tunes by a span of musicians with a common seductiveness in astronomy. 

Guitarist-songwriter Barry DiGregorio and vocalist-songwriter Linda King of Tonawanda are a players in Road to Azure. They met in 2015 by an familiarity after auditioning for rope roles, began doing covers together and gradually satisfied they should make their own music.

DiGregorio says he was personification chords to that he wanted lyrics combined and King seemed means to come adult with a difference effortlessly.

“I had these hcords, they were only flattering chords and we wanted to see what she could do with them. It was like magic,” DiGregorio said. “She could put difference to chords that she only heard.”

The musicians clicked partly due to King’s common nature, according to DiGregorio.

“I’ve worked with a lot of singers in a past. They were all people that were outrageous egos: you’re doing it my approach or it’s a highway,” he said. King “was a initial vocalist we ever came opposite that unequivocally showed any severely desire toward wanting to collaborate. Her ego wasn’t so large that she had to be a whole show.”

The low-pitched duo’s name is desirous by King’s adore of Jim Morrison and The Doors. Most of a rope name they wanted were already taken, she jokes, so they were forced to consider “outside a box.”

“I started meditative Road to Azure. Azure is a tone blue, so I’m meditative highway to a blues,” King said, “and I’m a large Doors fan and we adore Jim Morrison. And he uses that cerulean in some of his songs.”

The duo recorded and constructed their possess manuscript in DiGregorio’s home. One challenge they encountered along a approach was distracting sound outward the house. 

“Someone starting mowing their grass a one day. We were only about to sing,” King recalled.

Another plea was enlightening their work, definition removing their songs to a accurate indicate where they wanted them to be.

Their manuscript name arises from a musicians’ common seductiveness in astronomy. DiGregorio explains a Blue Supermoon thus: 

“A blue moon is a full moon that happens twice in a same month, and afterwards a blood moon comes in when there is an obscure given when a Earth’s shade passes in front of a moon it changes color. Sometimes like a reddish orange to a red color. So NASA called it a ‘Superblue Blood Moon,'” he said.

King says they dropped a “Blood” partial given that would make too most of a tongue twister. She describes Once in a Blue Supermoon as a “melting pot” of all opposite kinds of low-pitched genres.

DiGregorio concurs.

“There is a small bit of all in there,” he said. “I hear jazzy blues in there. we hear rock. we hear blues stone and afterwards we hear small elements of some country.”

Road to Azure has been behaving given 2015 during opposite venues including Becker Farms, Sportsmens Tavern and Hot Mama’s Canteen in Buffalo and a Buffalo Infringement Festival. The musicians trust their work has been good received.

Once in a Blue Supermoon can be purchased through iTunes, Apple Music and CD Baby. 

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