LAAA Presents Karchi Perlmann’s ‘LA Rhapsody – Super Moon/Opus No. 1’, a 65 Feet Long Immersive Panoramic …

September 21, 2017 - Supermoon


“The distance and form of this sketch provides me a height to try critical cultural, amicable and ancestral conversations that are deputy as good as applicable to us currently all in a singular image,” pronounced Karchi Perlmann.


Venue: Gallery 825, 825 North La Cienega Boulevard, LA, CA 90069

Dates: Sep 9th – Oct 13th, 2017

“LA RHAPSODY – SUPER MOON/OPUS No. 1,” a new muster by LA-based, Hungarian fine-art photographer Karchi Perlmann runs for 5 weeks during a Los Angeles Art Association’s 825 Gallery from Sep 9th by Oct 13th, 2017. “LA RHAPSODY – SUPER MOON/OPUS No. 1” is a 270-degree monumental cityscape of Los Angeles that was shot during a Super Moon in 2014.

“LA RHAPSODY – SUPER MOON/OPUS No. 1” is one of a largest, singular detailed fine-art prints. Installed as one 65 ft. prolonged and 5 ft. high, continuous, fine-art photograph, it’s accompanied by a narratively driven windy sound designation that brings a civic hardness for an immersive experience.

“LA RHAPSODY – SUPER MOON/OPUS No. 1” begs for clever consideration: where one primarily sees stately beauty, a closer demeanour reveals people, events and storylines. The square paints a regretful and monumental prophesy of a city during initial as it is bright by a Super Moon, though a perfected sum in a photography unearth a conspicuous account that is unexpected. The life distance sketch constructs a universe of that with Angelinos are all too familiar. A film screening, people practicing yoga, a fire, an arrest, a Hollywood Bowl concert, a homeless encampment, provocative billboards, wildlife and most more.

The tasteful sum of a sketch chronicles a knowledge of vital in Los Angeles, examining how a city manifests itself to a people mostly dynamic by their amicable vantage point. LA’s strange resources creates for a city that is abounding in culture, however, still divided along amicable category lines, fostering manifold practice within a borders.

“The distance and form of this sketch provides me a height to try critical cultural, amicable and ancestral conversations that are deputy as good as applicable to us currently all in a singular image,” pronounced Karchi Perlmann. “I find it conspicuous how a life distance wrap-around scenery opens adult my ‘canvas’ to residence things like diversity, income inequality, and wildlife all in one eventuality that we can ambience and describe to no matter that side of a city we come from. This is what it contingency have felt like when a adults of Edinburgh walked into Robert Baker’s scenery building in 1793.”

Perlmann dives into his middle to move a new model to detailed countenance with “LA RHAPSODY – SUPER MOON/OPUS No. 1.” He pushes a middle to a place where reality, a clarity of time and a combination of people’s lives compound seamlessly. The sketch is positively secure in a normal methods, though he openly embraces a use of complicated record to emanate a universe that resonates real, discernible and emotionally true.

“Karchi Perlmann’s expanded aspiration and ability is ideally prisoner in this square that offers a ultimate visible support of Los Angeles,” pronounced Peter Mays, executive director, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825.

Perlmann continued, “As a fine-art photographer, my idea is always to emanate a universe that captures a emotions, textures and attitudes of my sourroundings – either in an epitome or deputy form. ‘LA RHAPSODY – SUPER MOON/OPUS No. 1’ is my mural of LA. The gigantic distance serves as an event to pull a bounds of excellent art copy stipulations as good as a idea of what to design from a linear, deputy photograph. It traverses conventions and boldly redefines a visible denunciation formed on a vantage indicate of a observer. The epic distance of a picture area also presents a cinema-like knowledge where a attribute and definition of time is obscure and amorphous, posing a counterbalance to a fundamental inlet of photography.”

About Karchi Perlmann

A long-time Angelino, Perlmann has been sharpened consecrated and excellent art work for some-more than 25 years. Life, nature, design and socio-political themes of Los Angeles have fueled his work during a final few years. “LA RHAPSODY – SUPER MOON/OPUS No. 1” is Perlmann’s 5th array exploring LA in a several forms.

Perlmann’s new array of works – LA Monuments, Abstrx Nouveau and Together Discombobulated – are several cubist-abstract compositions rendered by in-camera, multiple-exposure technique, that is an expansion of his time-exposure-movement experiments. These pieces try a judgment of peace within disharmony bringing a uninformed proceed to civic and cityscape photography. For some-more info, revisit

About a Los Angeles Art Association and Gallery 825

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, a Los Angeles Art Association’s goal is to yield opportunities, resources, services and muster venues for Los Angeles artists, with an importance on rising talent. Founded in 1925, LAAA has launched a art careers of many distinguished artists and has played a executive purpose in a arrangement of Los Angeles’ humanities community. Today, LAAA continues to play a executive purpose in a Los Angeles humanities village by providing a artist members and a open with well-developed exhibitions and programs, as good as a forum for sell and preparation by lectures, workshops and networking opportunities. LAAA serves a extended cranky territory of artists of all mediums, career levels and socio-economic backgrounds, including those from low-income communities. Gallery 825 is a muster arm of a LAAA. For some-more info, revisit

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