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Each educational propagandize year, a Dyersburg School System selects superb educators to be comparison as Teacher of a Year. The educators are voted on by their peers and arrangement qualities of preparation that yield a opportunities for their students and co-workers to flourish. Betsy Elgin Jones has been comparison as Dyersburg Middle School’s Teacher of a Year. Jones teaches sixth-grade scholarship and amicable studies and has 42 years knowledge as a teacher, a final 15 years in her benefaction position during Dyersburg Middle School.

Jones has been a Dyersburg Education Association member given 1973, carrying served as boss 3 times as good as clamp president, secretary, treasurer, and authority of several committees in that association. She also served on a Leadership Team for Dyersburg Middle School and a District Salary Committee in 2013.

Other activities that Jones participated in ancillary tyro feat were:

* Received extend to learn 21st Century Classroom during DPS (1996)

* Received a extend from UTM to build Virtual Field Trips to familiarise students with sites for margin trips before to a tangible visits in 1997-1998

* Received Dyersburg/ DyerCounty Education Foundation Grant to support Project Feeder Watch during Dyersburg Intermediate School in 2000-2001 in and with a Cornell Lab of Ornithology and a National Audubon Society

* Received a $1O,OOO Eisenhower Program Grant in 2002 to squeeze microscopes for Dyersburg Middle School scholarship labs and GLOBE training for a DMS teachers

* 15 years of work during DMS to support a expansion and upkeep of a Outdoor Classroom on a campus

* Received extend from National Gardening Association for Outdoor Classroom during OMS

* Common Core Training 2013 and Professional Development display during OMS

* Assisted in essay a FOCUS Grant for OMS (2012-2013)

* iPad Training 2014

Jones was a Teacher of a Year during Jennie Bell 1981, 1985 and during DMS in 2015. She was also invited to benefaction during a 1998 National Science Teachers Association Southern Area Convention on Computer-Based Virtual Field Trips. Jones perceived a Tennessee Education Association Distinguished Classroom Teacher Award 1984.

Concerning strategies and training practices, Jones said: “In new years, with a importance on high stakes contrast and achievement, I’ve strived to uncover students ways to raise their ability to pierce brazen and make growth. I’ve used a elementary phrase: ‘It is what it is, though we can make it what it will be’ to uncover them that their category or measure does not conclude their future.”

Having taught a same category and subjects for 15 years, Jones knows a standards and what is approaching of her students. She said: “Every year, any student, presents a new plea on how to get to that customary goal. Making certain a students know a idea and how we will get there is a initial step.”

Teaching with strictness and high expectations, Jones incorporates record and activities in her lessons, though her concentration is assisting a students know that their expansion is their responsibility.

She uses a accumulation of information from yearly, standardised tests, such as TCAP, to quarterly benchmark tests, that let a students know where they are and how distant they have to go. Jones said: “I stress tough work to grasp goals and regard them for diligence in their work daily and work towards goals. A tyro has to see that being disheartened for a exam measure won’t assistance them on a subsequent test. Students, with a right attitude, can feel assured that they can make expansion and pierce towards their goals.”

Concerning primogenitor and village involvement, Jones has hold a following caring positions:

* Served as deacon and elder of RoEllen Cumberland Presbyterian Church

* Dyersburg Cotillion Club president, clamp president, secretary

* Relay for Life Team authority for Dyersburg Education Association

Jones said: “In my years of teaching, we have schooled that kin adore their children though have opposite ways of permitting them to grow. The operation of grades in my training knowledge has shown this to be loyal as we taught from kindergarten by sixth grade. One thing binds true, a kin wish to be certain that we caring about their child and are peaceful to be a partner in a routine of their child flourishing into a prolific adult.”

She encourages kin to actively attend in their child ‘s training experience, and has seen this develop as a child gets comparison and kin inspire their child to turn some-more independent.

As partial of a Middle School Team, they send weekly news letters about events in their group and school. Parents are speedy to make use of their Grade Portal where they can check their child’s grades daily. Parents can take advantage of open residence and parent-teacher conferences, and promulgate with kin by emails and letters if there is a sold area of concern.

As a scholarship teacher, Jones encourages kin to turn concerned in a curriculum that is being taught. This year she orderly a Super Moon/Lunar Eclipse regard where kin and their children came to a DMS campus to witness, learn and share in a scholarship of astronomy.

Along with Terry Cook, another sixth-grade teacher, Jones helped to classify a DMS Outdoor Classroom and say it for a past 15 years. This journey was done probable with a help, both earthy and financial, from many parents, grandparents, and kin of students as good as many village members. This ongoing plan still requires yearly workdays when kin and village members come together with students during DMS to say a drift and Outdoor Classroom areas.

During her years during DMS, Jones sponsored an Environmental Club in that students schooled about a outdoor and how they can be partial of solutions to environmental problems. This bar participated with Cornell University in yearly bird depends and grown appetite charge and recycling projects for a DMS campus. For several years, Jones was co-chairman of Earth Fest during DMS where village members were invited to make presentations during stations outward and learn sixth-graders ways to strengthen a sourroundings and preserve resources. For 5 years, Jones was a unite of a DMS Talent Show that showcased a talent of their students and lifted income to account projects during a DMS Outdoor Classroom.

When asked about her profession, Jones said: “Why do we teach? we learn since we adore to see a fad on a face of a child when training takes place. we learn since children are funny, loving, forgiving , grateful, and vehement learners. we learn since we can assistance children attain when they have given adult on themselves.” Jones enjoys pity stories of success with parents, and also pity ways to assistance their children when students are not being successful. She cherishes a friendships that have grown over a years with her peers, clever group and women that honour any other and adore children.

“From children,” Jones said, “I have schooled to respect, to love, how to grin and giggle during myself, to uncover sympathy, to face problem with determination, and a need for understanding.” She has seen a effects of misery and miss of attention, though also a effects of adore and caring from kin during all mercantile levels. Jones said: “My biggest rewards are smiles of approval as we go about my routines around city and former students pronounce and remember something humorous or engaging that happened when we had them in class. ‘Are we still teaching?’ or ‘I gamble we don’t remember me!’ are their favorite opening phrases. And they are only as gay as we am when we can remember their names!”

Jones encourages her associate educators to concentration on a children, enlivening them to work hard, though suffer a learning. Believe that they can succeed, whatever their ability, and assistance them work with all their bid towards that end. She said: “We should regard their efforts, even if success is in baby steps. Who doesn’t like to consider they are creation swell towards a goal?” She sees preparation as a group effort: “Yes, a standards are high, a tests are visit and rigorous, though together we and a children will arise to a task.”

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