Jen Jeffrey: Please Don’t Look At My Thumbnails

October 28, 2014 - Supermoon

With Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other programs that horde photographs of a families, a vicinity and a passions in life, a word ‘thumbnail’ has subsequent a new meaning. In this digital era, haven’t we all turn photo-journalist? As a writer, we have always had a journalistic heart.

Now that we am dual years bashful of age 50, we feel we can contend “in my day” when referring to my childhood. When capturing memories or formulating stories with photos it consisted of building a hurl of film unless we had a present cameras – that my oldest sister did. It was like sorcery to me when she would take a picture. It had a square of paper covering it and she had to wait a integrate of mins before she could lift it off.

If she was too fervent and didn’t lift it off slowly, it could disaster adult a photo. 

As cameras progressed, my father had an present camera that took tone photographs that squabble them out immediately after a design was taken. My subsequent to oldest sister had a tiny camera that compulsory loading a film cartridge, yet in sequence to have her cinema we had to dump a film off during a Photo-Bug.

We lived in Lexington, Ky., nearby James Lane Allen Elementary where we attended school. Past a propagandize was a selling core where Kroger was and there was a small hut-like building yet it was done like a hulk fungus with a yellow branch and a red tuber top. On tip of a tuber was a blow bee sitting and holding a camera.

I remember it vividly, yet no matter how many opposite keyword descriptions we typed in a Google hunt bar, we could not lift adult any images that hold that childhood memory. Why was it so poignant to me?

First of all, given it was lively to a four-year-old. If we put your film cartridge into an pouch and placed it in a slot, we could go behind after and collect adult all your memories that were documented in photographs.

Secondly, given that bee was wearing my shoes. we like to brand with people (even hulk blow bee’s sitting on tip of a fungus house) and usually meaningful that a famous bee was wearing my boots – a white saddle oxfords with black on a saddle part; done me feel like we had a best boots ever. The adore for cinema and capturing memories came approach before we was aged adequate to even use a camera.

But, we had too many other interests to consider we wanted to be a photographer when we grew up. My initial adore was essay and creation adult stories and we schooled that we favourite putting cinema with my stories. we would make my possess books by essay a story on cover paper and holding Elmer’s glue and adhering a photos we liked, to a pages of my stories. we don’t consider Mama was unequivocally happy to see ‘her’ cinema taken for my possess pleasure.

Keep in mind, that photographs in a 70s were gold. There wasn’t a choice to take total cinema and deletion them if they weren’t good. You had 24-35 cinema authorised on a hurl and if we missed your shot we usually missed it or if your palm shook, it came out blurry. And, a cost of building a cinema and a time it took to get them behind done them priceless.

As a teen in a 80s, we got my initial 35 MM camera during age 16. The peculiarity of a photos seemed grainy and we always dignified a transparent photos we would see professionally displayed in magazines or books. Coffee list books were my favorite! we desired a oversized books of cinema and created descriptions and, as they contend “A design is value a thousand words,” we would demeanour during one design for utterly a while holding in all about it and ‘reading’ a story.

With my adore for pictures, it competence be startling that we still don’t wish to be a photographer. In my early 20s we had ideas of presumably doing that and we wanted a darkroom and a whole works, yet it was so costly that we put that thought aside.

Now that we are in a digital age, so many has altered with cinema and, a people who take them. “The Selfie” is a argumentative tenure people are picking detached wondering if it is a good thing or not, yet we have been holding my possess ‘selfies’ given a day cameras came with a self-timer button. The headshots for my mainstay have always been taken by Jen Jeffrey.

When Barbizon, a tip displaying propagandize and group of a 80s was in Chattanooga, we modeled and we schooled how to grin after carrying many terrible propagandize photos any year and spent unconstrained hours in front of a counterpart practicing a assured smile. Somehow, a displaying propagandize taught me how to be healthy and not so unbending when being photographed.

I admire a good photographer and we have a handful of friends who are unequivocally good photographers. Then there are people like me who adore photography or photo-journaling and some have done it their business. To me, being a veteran photographer is some-more than a adore for holding photos. It is an art.

I have seen posts on Facebook of my friends’ children’s comparison photos or even rendezvous photos taken by a chairman who motionless to start their possess photography business.

They might not have left by training and usually had a ‘knack’ for holding cinema or ‘had a good eye’ for good shots and so they were assured to start a business and now … it seems everybody is a photographer giving those who went by training and have years of knowledge a run for their money.

I have to acknowledge yet that some of a self-made photographers are sanctified with talent and they truly found their calling. When a World Wide Web done so many opportunities accessible to us as self-starters of a possess business, a universe became a oyster. we am one of them.

I did good in English – it was a usually theme we favourite in high propagandize (well, that… and boys) yet we did not achieve a grade in writing. we became a mother. The initial half of my life we threw myself into my passion for my family.

When my children were grown and we was presented with opportunities during a second half of my life we motionless it was time to do what we desired and, that was writing. we was prepared to burst by as many hoops as we had to – yet opportunely in this epoch of online publications it was easier to get my feet in a door. we also had a good manager who took me underneath his wing.

With a ‘everybody’s a writer’ and ‘everybody’s a photographer’ intrigue personification out, we motionless to collect a one we was many ardent about in that we felt we had a many talent. we listened to others support and feedback and we listened to my heart.

But we still have a adore for photo-journaling. we have a kick adult aged camera that was arguable adequate to take me by a hundreds of photos we had to take for work when we visited internal farms or interviewed people for stories.

Now that we don’t have those dual assignments, my photography is usually a hobby that we enjoy. we unequivocally got into holding photos this summer of Kentucky sunrises and sunsets as a plantation as supposing me with such a pleasing open landscape. And of course, being a grandmother, we suffer holding cinema of my Grand Darlins!

When we share my photos on Facebook, we consternation if we am like that ‘annoying neighbor’ my relatives would speak about who always invited them over to see their slideshows. As we post an manuscript full of photos of a new travel or a new sunset, we have a few ‘fans’ who will criticism on them.

When we post some-more than 4 photos or post a whole manuscript of photos, Facebook usually shows a ‘thumbnail’ of a few of a photos. we have a few friends who will click a “like” symbol underneath my manuscript or make a criticism about them immediately when we know they didn’t have time to perspective all a photos. Maybe people don’t take a time that we do to demeanour during any one for a while and that’s okay, yet we do wish my friends will during slightest perspective any photo.

There might be a few people that don’t comprehend there are some-more photos than shows adult on their timeline and they have to open them adult by clicking on them to see them fully.

I like for my friends to revisit me. Go on walks with me, pleasure in God’s beauty and take something from it – after all, we feel we am pity His present to me and it is a present we wish to share.

I know with a grandmother’s adore and holding a bazillion photos of my ‘grands’ might not be something my friends will take a time to go by any one – that kind of post is fundamentally for other family members to be means to have a cinema to save to their computers.

But, when it comes to something that is for all of us… God’s beauty of a rainbow, a descending star, a super moon …whatever my friends take photos of that we might have missed, we love that they have common with me so we could get an thought of what they saw in chairman and we feel like we spent a small time with someone who might be a few hundred miles away.

I hope, therefore, that when my friends click a “like” symbol underneath an manuscript of photos we posted on Facebook, that they will indeed open them adult entirely and perspective all of a cinema and not usually demeanour during my thumbnails.



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