Jay Arner invades a Townhouse in Sudbury

August 7, 2016 - Supermoon

Vancouver multi-instrumentalist has Sunday show


Vancouver multi-instrumentalist Jay Arner plays a Townehouse Tavern, 206 Elgin St., on Sunday. His second record, aptly patrician Jay II, is out now on Mint Records, and has warranted him some stately reviews from a likes of Pitchfork and Exclaim. Jay II channels impulse trimming from Sparks, Roxy Music, Fleetwood Mac to La Dusseldorf. Arner will be assimilated by associate Vancouverites and tag friends Supermoon, who are a self-proclaimed gadabouts of capricious pop. Their entrance LP, Playland, is out now. 


1. Describe your act in 7 difference (or less).

Vancouver high male and good band


2. How did we start behaving music?

I began creation song in high propagandize and started personification it in front of people shortly after. we felt compelled, that is uncanny since during a time, we was fundamentally a math nerd. 


3. Your songs are kind of unreal – good for this weather. Can we speak about your sound and what you’re perplexing to convey?

I tend to go for a unequivocally assumed sounding recording. Make a guitars sound like they’re plugged in to your mind and a singing is on a Earth’s moon. Studio annals are inherently fake, so what a heck. 


4. What’s your many noted theatre moment?

A new good one was personification to a garland of dogs using around during an outside keg celebration in Marfa, Texas. we have a lot of high-pitched singing in my songs and we only know dogs adore it. 


5. What’s a misfortune thing that’s happened to we while performing?

There have been a integrate shows where a venue feeds we a lot of food right before we play and we feel like when we sing, a finish square of pizza is going to come out of my mouth. 


6. Name an change that competence warn readers.

I’m a large fan of The Dream, a dude who writes songs with people like Rihanna and Beyonce, and who creates his possess albums that are kinda like space Prince. 


7. How do we use record in your music?

I use record substantially some-more than it sounds like. we like to record unequivocally fast, so if something can be looped, it substantially is. My rope before this one was dance song so a lot of those tricks carried over.  


8. How do songs come together for you?

I customarily only hear something song-ish in my head, and try to follow it along and hear how it unfolds. Then we work on lyrics for a month. At some indicate I’ll try personification it on a guitar or piano to see what it sounds like in a genuine world.


9. Explain your song-writing process.

Same as above?


10. What are we reading right now?

The Horrors by Charles Demers.


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