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May 23, 2016 - Supermoon

This past week, we had a pleasure of vocalization to Sean Carey, who is famous for being a drummer and ancillary vocalist of Bon Iver, about his solo act S. Carey. Sean’s strain is intensely thought-provoking and contemplative by a low instrumental soundscapes and personal lyrics – ideal for usually staring adult during a roof and contemplative over your life. If we feel that we need a reason check given of midterms or finals (as we so desperately do), afterwards S. Carey’s strain is a ideal approach to ease we down and move we behind to a present.

 Sean is behaving during Justin Vernon’s Eaux Claires festival, both as a solo performer and with Bon Iver. We had a discuss to him about behaving ‘living room tours’, fly fishing and what he’s operative on next.

So we review that before we assimilated Bon Iver, we were some-more of a closet singer. Was it formidable for we to switch gears during initial and start singing in public?

Sean Carey: Yeah, for sure, we meant we had finished some stuff, yet it was flattering much just personification in bands in high propagandize where we were in someone’s drive or something – a lot of it was usually on my own. we was unequivocally shaken yet we consider singing has always been kind of healthy for me, so it’s usually about holding that thrust and removing in there. And now it’s substantially my categorical instrument.

Yeah, it would be bizarre if we were fearful of it now.

I’m not fearful of it yet it’s unequivocally a thing where it’s approach some-more of exposing yourself than when we lay there and play drums – it’s usually different. Now we kind of consider about what we would sound like if we had been lerned as a singer. Sometimes we feel good and other times I’m like, oh man, we can’t do this thing we unequivocally wish to do given we don’t unequivocally know any of a technique. But we don’t unequivocally trust in training anyway *laughs*, it’s kind of a catch-22.

And you’re doing good right now so it seems like we don’t unequivocally need too many technique.

Just keep going with what works – yeah we like it.

Yeah unless something terrible happens, usually hang with it.

*Laughs* that sounds good.

Also, your strain is unequivocally personal – is it bizarre for we to perform songs that are formed on such insinuate memories in front of vast groups of people?

It kind of is, yet usually a initial dual times. You know, it’s like after that it usually becomes a strain that we sing – it’s usually a strain we sing and play and we competence not indispensably always consider about what a strain means. But those initial dual times, for sure. Even usually personification in front of your friends or display someone your demo.

Is there anything that’s off-limits to write about and perform, or do we leave it all on a line?

I don’t know if there’s anything off-limits yet we don’t consider we indispensably leave it on a line. There are some things I’ve attempted to facade or leave arrange of deceptive given we can’t give it all. we like being personal and honest in my strain writing, yet we consider it’s all in a song. People figure out what it’s about or appreciate it in a approach and that’s good for them, I’m not going to travel by each line. we wish it to be open for interpretation yet not intensely abstract, so we consider we have to facade things in a approach we can explain yourself while not being super thriving or literal, yet be mystic or metaphoric.

When you’re not performing, how do we spend your time between shows?

It depends on a kind of tour. we like to try to do things as many as probable – try and have experiences. we try to provide it as many as a vacation as it can be even yet it’s still work, yet S. Carey has had a lot of vital room tours that gives us some-more giveaway time given we have reduction time commitments during a venue, and so we’ve been means to do a lot more. We move a fly-fishing rigging along and try to fish if there’s time. You get behind and we consider it was like a highway trip, and so it’s been genuine fun. We usually got behind and out of a dual weeks of shows, we got to fish 6 of a days and so we were flattering lucky. We move a camping things too and try to stay if probable – it’s unequivocally important. But there’s been times during other tours where each day you’re usually examination TV – so both extremes. And we never bewail going out to a grill or a bar given it’s an experience, and we’re intensely propitious to get to debate and be means to go everywhere, which can be taken for granted.

That sounds incredible. While listening to your album, we found that your songs have a unreal and contemplative sound that is suggestive of something out of a movie. The intro to your cover of Radiohead’s “Bullet Proof.. we Wish we Was” reminds me of Hans Zimmer’s “Time” before it gets unequivocally intense. Do we ever pull from film scores when creation music?

Yes, definitely. we can’t consider of anything super specific, and indeed don’t get to watch a lot of cinema now – we did when we was a small child *laughs*. I’m approach behind on film, yet that arrange of cultured for certain is something we didn’t necessarily plan. I adore a instrumental ambient elementary strain that ends adult being in cinema and TV shows all a time. It’s something I’d indeed wish to get into during some indicate – it’d be a lot of work yet we consider that comes healthy to me and it would be exciting.

I would unequivocally wish to watch a film that we contributed strain to. On the Supermoon EP, there are a few swap versions of formerly expelled songs – what done we wish to reconstruct them?

I consider we usually wanted to frame a strain down to it’s many elementary form and see what happened. Sometimes when we lay in a studio, we finish adult stuffing a lot of things and see what sticks, yet after we make a record and go behind to behaving live, we consider about a core of a song, so that’s what it stems from. And doing these vital room tours, we have to frame it down even some-more and it was kind of an examination to make something fast. Instead of holding dual years to make it, it would take dual days.

Like we said, you’ve been doing these vital room shows – how has that been, and are we vehement to have some time off from that?

It’s unequivocally fun. Different each night so it’s good and keeps we on your toes. It’s good to be home now yet I’m withdrawal on Friday for Australia *laughs*, yet my Jun and Jul are flattering open so that’ll be good.

Well that should be nice. So final question: is there anything we wish to do next, like a plan or thought you’ve been wanting to enhance on?

I consider my subsequent record will concentration some-more on a strain than, like we said, a soundtrack-y ambiance. Not that it won’t be there, yet I’ll try to concentration on a strain and have that be a focal indicate rather than a texture. The chords are maybe a small some-more folk-y and candid and reduction washy and vague, so that’s kind of a plea I’ve put to myself.

S. Carey will be behaving during a Eaux Claires strain festival in his hometown in Wisconsin on Aug 12 and 13 with some other large names such as his other rope Bon Iver, James Blake, Jenny Lewis, and more. The extraordinary lineup can be found here on a central festival website.

Be certain to keep adult with S. Carey by his website and Facebook page, and watch a video for his song, “Neverending Fountain” below:

Image: Cameron Wittig

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