Interview: Jay Arner gets glam, continues to demeanour forward on sophomore album

April 28, 2016 - Supermoon

Jay Arner is on his approach behind from a Fujiya on Clark Drive. He’s only picked adult a bucket of groceries from a Japanese food store and is flattering damn vehement to indulge in his haul. Beyond his lunch, though, Arner has copiousness to be happy about. The Vancouver-based multi-instrumentalist is on a verge of releasing his sophomore solo album, Jay II, and a initial dual recently-shared singles off it, “Crystal Ball” and “Like A Dracula,” are both juicy tiny slices of glam-rock heaven.

Arner has been a bustling male in a internal song stage for years, being a bit actor for bands like Bleating Hearts and Fine Mist, and portion as sought-after writer for artists including Fake Tears and Supermoon. His 2013 self-titled entrance saw him finally step out on his own, in a rush of hook-laden, synthesized, power-pop jams.

“It was a relief,” he admits. “I consider we always wanted to be a solo artist, nonetheless we would always arrange of fake that we was in a band…It was always me personification many of a instruments and revelation everybody what to do, nonetheless we didn’t wish to take credit for it or we didn’t have a courage to put my name to it. I’m not observant it was an act of bravery, I’m only observant we motionless to strew a façade and only possess adult to it.”

After he expelled his debut, Arner went on an extensive tour, negligence penning song in between sound checks and concerts, and somehow anticipating a time to recover a 7-inch of “goof-off songs” (New Dimensional) with bandmate Jessica Delisle underneath a moniker Energy Slime. When Arner returned home, he motionless to take some well-deserved time off and concentration on finishing adult what would eventually be Jay II.

“I’ve always lived in Vancouver, so it’s unequivocally eye opening to go to London, England — these big, large cities where you’re nobody,” he says. As such, that widening of viewpoint influenced a theme matter of a songs he was writing. “I theory a lot of it is going around a universe and perplexing to know a proportions of space and time and feeling unequivocally small. We went to a Grand Canyon a integrate times and if we ever wanted to feel insignificant, go to a Grand Canyon. It’s amazing. It’s literally awesome.”

Musically, Jay II has Arner dipping his sonic brush into a bit some-more shine and anticipating impulse in a artfulness of Sparks and Electric Light Orchestra. First listens of “Crystal Ball” and “Like A Dracula” vaunt Arner’s use of slinky stroke and unconventional arrangements in a some-more indisputable package than Jay II‘s predecessor. “I theory it does simulate personification 100 or 150 shows,” Arner says. “I’d never played that many shows in my life before. we consider I’m a improved musician on this one, only from personification so many shows.”

Arner’s practice over a final 3 years have authorised him to grow, audibly as a musician and privately in substantially overcoming some of his prudery — even nonetheless he says he still feels a same inside. “But everybody feels a same, right? You don’t notice if we change. You’re in your conduct day-to-day and we don’t unequivocally notice; a change would be too subtle. Like, maybe, if we demeanour behind during yourself a fews year ago and you’re like ’ugh, who was I?’ we don’t consider I’ve looked behind yet.”

Indeed, Arner has a lot to took brazen to — Jay II is set to dump on Jun 17 by Mint Records and he is fervent to get behind on a highway again to tour.

But first? Lunch.

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