Inspired by Dylan/Harrison/Petty, kd lang, Neko Case, Laura Veirs strike out together

July 3, 2016 - Supermoon

By Randall Roberts

Los Angeles Times

When singer-songwriter k.d. lang had a idea to form a supergroup, her impulse was a Traveling Wilburys, an act that counted a likes of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, George Harrison and Jeff Lynne as members.

So she shot emails to dual contenders: Neko Case, whose monumental lyricism and mountainous voice has leaped out of speakers given her 1997 solo debut, and Laura Veirs, whose fragile guitar melodies and approach with a word have warranted her commend and devotion.

Both had a identical reaction

“Come on, you’re not going to contend no to that,” pronounced Veirs on a phone during a new discussion call with lang. Veirs pronounced approbation notwithstanding carrying had her second baby that same week. “That’s a lot to take on, though I’m not going to contend no.”

Case laughed as she described receiving a message: “I remember replying to it before we even finished reading it,” she pronounced in a apart speak from her home in Vermont. “Like, ‘Duh, yes. Sign me up. I’m in.’”

The outcome of that entice is a new contingent manuscript “case/lang/veirs,” 14 songs that marry classical American strain qualification with fragile three-part harmonies and opposite lyricism.

But that doesn’t meant a routine was all roses.

After starting work on a plan in 2012, convening in possibly lang or Veirs’ Portland, Oregon, vital bedrooms during semi-regular intervals over a subsequent 3 years, a contingent fast butted heads. As solo artists, any was used to carrying halt power.

“It was never easy,” lang said. “As particular and achieved singer-songwriters, all of us in a possess right entrance in to combine and not carrying a unaccompanied personality presented a lot of obstacles.”

The Grammy-winning artist lang described “very moving moments” over specific difference and lines, as good as quibbles over arrangements or tempos. But that should have been expected. Before a collaboration, they didn’t know any other solely as fans and positively weren’t friends.

“I consider we substantially annoyed everybody flattering quickly,” Case said. “Of all of us, we would contend that we am substantially a clumsiest and a many blunt and rude.”

Case described scratching out lines and job out cliches before she satisfied she indispensable to tinge it down. Her role, she added, was as “the pollinator. we done adult a bridge, or altered something around or wrote some new words.”

For “Supermoon,” for instance, Case describes “hijacking” Veirs’ lyrics by merging them with one of Case’s works-in-process.

“My chronicle is kind of about try capitalism, and we consider her chronicle was a unequivocally good strain about her son, Oz,” Case said.

Lang’s faith in a routine was centered on her clarity of Veirs and Case as people.

“I devoted in who these people were essentially and morally,” lang said, “and we consider that we all knew that we devoted where a chairman was entrance from — that a strain would always be first, that a ego would be overridden in use of a song.”

The record is explanation of her conviction.

An manuscript that mixes customary orchestration with fragile arrangements, “case/lang/veirs” isn’t too most of a stylistic depart for any member of a trio. Each tackles twang-tinted folk and nation strain from opposite perspectives, though there’s adequate interrelated overlie to yield a plain foundation.

“Song for Judee” is a adore minute for a late folk thespian Judee Sill, a lesser-known Los Angeles artist whose work has turn a norm for immature musicians. When they achieved a strain recently in Los Angeles, Veirs took a impulse to acknowledge a impulse by dedicating a strain to Sill, who, pronounced Veirs, “lived in these tools and died in these parts.” Pointing in a distance, she said, “I consider her spirit’s adult in that tree.”

Asked either any tragedy from a sessions stays and how that competence impact a tour, that began final week in San Diego and strike Seattle on Thursday, carries opposite a nation via a summer, lang pronounced she wasn’t worried.

“Our managers are coming,” she said, laughing.

“We any have a bus, and we have a lawyers with us. We usually speak by a managers.”

Case combined that while lang will be drifting from gig to gig, she and Veirs have organised apart transportation: “We’re going to take donkeys.”

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