Incredible blood supermoon obscure time lapse

February 25, 2016 - Supermoon

A jet crosses a moon (Photo: Thomas H.)

it also shows partial of a moon as it is eclipsed by a Earth in a singular eventuality that was final seen in 1982.

It will not occur again until 2033.

The supermoon reflects opposite a H2O dividing Sweden and Denmark (Photo: Thomas H.)

When a full moon creates a closest proceed to Earth, it appears somewhat bigger and brighter than common and has a reddish hue.

That coincides with a full lunar obscure where a moon, Earth and object are lined up, with Earth’s shade totally obscuring a moon.

The singular event, also called ‘Blood Moon’, began during 02:47 GMT and lasted for about one hour and 12 minutes.

Other views of a singular moon eventuality were prisoner in a UK and other tools of a world:


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