Hunter’s Moon 2017: Astronomical eventuality to take place THIS WEEK – though experts can’t determine if it’s a supermoon

October 31, 2017 - Supermoon

This week will see a thespian full moon occupy a sky – a supposed Hunter’s Moon.

It’s a initial full moon given a Harvest Moon on Oct 5th and gets a name from a fact it would irradiate chase for hunters out stalking food during a cold winter.

As ever, it will yield a overwhelming steer for night skywatchers – nonetheless there is some discuss surrounding either or not this Hunter’s Moon can also be classed as a supermoon.

Supermoon seen over Reading

Supermoon seen over Reading
(Image: Rex)

Either way, providing there’s no cloud cover, it should be an considerable steer in a night sky.

When is a Hunter’s Moon?

Hunters Moon over a Alps

A Hunter’s moon over a Alps in 2013
(Image: Stefano De Rosa)

This year, a Hunter’s Moon is set to start on a night of Friday, Nov 3rd . However, you’ll get a good perspective of it on a nights before and after that date.

As ever, a full moon will be during a top in a center of a night.

Is it a supermoon?

A supposed supermoon appears when a moon is closer to Earth during a march of a orbit. The moon appears ever-so-slightly incomparable and brighter during this time.

The indicate during that a moon comes closest to a Earth is called a perigee – and this month that will start on Nov 6th.

Some contend that’s tighten adequate to a Hunter’s Moon to category it as a supermoon while others contend it isn’t so.

December 2017 has a improved explain to a supermoon as a full moon and a perigee will usually be a day apart.

Will a Hunter’s Moon be a opposite colour?

The hunters moon

The hunters moon
(Image: Getty)

No, nonetheless there are infrequently reports (and pictures) of a Harvest Moon and Hunter’s Moon holding on an orange or reddish hue.

This occurs since a Earth’s atmosphere is thicker nearby a setting than it is directly above we in a center of a night sky.

As EarthSky explains, a atmosphere scatters blue light (which is because a sky is blue) though lets red light through. So when a atmosphere is thicker, it scatters some-more blue light though retains that reddish stain that can give a moon an orangey hue.

Why is it called a Hunter’s Moon?

The Hunters Super Moon over Coquet Island, Northumberland
(Image: Daily Mirror)

As a summer draws to an finish and a light starts to fade, farmers would demeanour to light of a Harvest Moon to assistance them collect their crops after a object sets. This was in a time before tractors had headlamps after all.

But over a Harvest Moon, when all a crops were collected in, those same families would need to hunt for chase to means them by a winter.

The subsequent full moon after a Harvest Moon was termed a Hunter’s Moon as they would use a light to irradiate a prey.

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