How To Watch The Supermoon In Dec 2016, Because This Is Your Last Chance To Catch It This Year

December 6, 2016 - Supermoon

It’s official: As a finish of 2016 draws near, we’re observant goodbye to a lot of a year’s events. For those of us who are into a stars and sky, that means we’re entrance adult on a final possibility to watch a supermoon in Dec 2016. That’s right: There’s only one final supermoon observation we can locate before 2017 rolls around — and luckily for us, examination the Dec supermoon is indeed flattering simple. Even if you’re not good capable in a tough scholarship of astronomy, simply looking adult during a moon and stars can be a cold approach to bond to a universe though enormous open a textbook. Checking out a universe around us can also be a good approach to soothe highlight and remember that we’re all only one tiny partial of something many bigger than ourselves — literally and metaphorically.

The final supermoon of 2016 will take place on Dec. 14, according to NASA. This supermoon will coincide with a Geminid meteor shower, that peaks on Dec. 13 and 14. Some astronomers do worry that one will literally dwarf a other; a supermoon’s heightened distance and liughtness could means a meteors to be reduction manifest in a night sky. However, since a meteors can tour anywhere opposite a sky, it’s wholly probable you’ll be means to see a good sip of them and a stately moon though interruption. We can dream, right?

So, how can we see a final supermoon of 2016? I’ve damaged down a stairs below, though thankfully, it’s flattering true forward:

Set Your Alarm

According to, a final supermoon of 2016 will strech a rise during accurately 7:05 PM EST on Dec. 14. They note, however, that to many viewers, a moon will seem to be during a rise generosity a dusk before, on Dec. 13. Most of us will be watchful during 7 p.m. anyway, though if you’re typically carrying cooking or during work, it’s value environment an alarm to remind we to look outside.

Get To An Area Without A Lot Of Obstructions

If you’re in an civic area, this will be tough, though if we can get to an area with wide, open sky and not a lot of light pollution, you’ll have a clearer perspective of a moon.

Bring Your Camera

Whether we take cinema on a digital camera, tangible film, or use your smartphone, this is a steer we won’t wish to miss. Luckily, it shouldn’t need a telescope or any additional apparatus to get a good perspective of it.

Watch It Online

Unable to indeed get outward and locate a good view? No worries. The Virtual Telescope Project is a giveaway online tide that will showcase a supermoon commencement during 16:00 UT (11:00 a.m. EST) on Dec. 13, so if you’ve got an internet tie and some giveaway time, there is literally no approach we can skip it.

Happy moon sighting, everyone!

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