How to mark a supermoon: Everything we need to know about November’s Beaver Moon 2017

October 30, 2017 - Supermoon

Keep your fingers crossed for transparent skies subsequent month as a second supermoon of 2017 will be creation an appearance.

With January’s ‘Wolf Moon’ now a apart memory, November’s ‘Beaver Moon’ should get stargazers vehement again.

You will have to be adult early – a Beaver Moon is foresee to strech a rise of a full proviso during 5.23 am on Nov 4.

Supermoons start when a full moon coincides with a moon reaching ‘perigee’ – or a moon’s closest indicate of circuit to Earth.

Supermoons start when a full moon coincides with a moon reaching a closest indicate of circuit to Earth
(Image: Vikki Lince)

The Beaver Moon is so named since it arrives during a time of year when hunters would set traps before winter froze internal waters.

This would assistance safeguard a good supply of advise furs to get by a cold months.

So keep your eyes on a skies on Nov 4 and wish a clouds stay away.

If we don’t conduct to locate a Beaver Moon, don’t worry, another supermoon is due in December.

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