How to sketch solar obscure with your smartphone

August 19, 2017 - Supermoon

Updated: Aug 18, 2017 – 10:45 PM

Many who wish to constraint a obscure Monday regulating their veteran digital cameras have been warned to strengthen their camera lenses with correct solar filters.

But what about smartphones?


Here are some ubiquitous discipline for holding successful smartphone photos of a solar eclipse.

Tips for holding a successful sketch with a smartphone

  • Use a tripod or rest your smartphone on a fast aspect to equivocate shaking.
  • Make primer adjustments. Focus on a obscure by drumming a picture on a shade and extinguishing or lightening a exposure. Do not rest on your smartphone’s autofocus.
  • On iOS cameras, a intent idol will seem after we daub an object. This is a bearing slider. On Android cameras, a bearing environment can be found after drumming a rigging icon.
  • NASA says zooming in with your smartphone will not change a fortitude of your shot. For a aloft fortitude shot, we will need telephoto lenses to shave directly over a existent smartphone lens.

Safety issues

  • NASA suggests regulating a span of ISO-Certified sun-viewing eyeglasses to cover a camera lens of your smartphone.
  • Smartphones were not meant for intent and moon photography since a camera lenses are really small.
  • Using visual filters to sketch a obscure when we are not on a trail of assemblage is risky.
  • Without a filter, a intent will seem like a blob of light with pixelated edges in your photograph.
  • According to NASA, a best approach to strengthen your camera while indicating it during a intent is to cover a lens with a solar filter. If we sketch a solar hoop though a filter, we will see zero though sensor blooming.
  • Blooming happens when a vast volume of light gets focused to a singular indicate on your camera’s picture sensor. For example, when we take a print of a supermoon with your smartphone, it will come out as a splendid intense universe floating opposite a black sky.

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