History suggests Saudi’s MSCI ascent will attract long-term uptick in unfamiliar investment

March 13, 2018 - Supermoon

In January, world Earth witnessed a “supermoon”, an astronomical outcome of saying a “brighter” full moon from earth as it aligns directly with a sun.

While a supermoon brightens adult a night sky, a outcome on earth’s inhabitants and by prolongation their financial markets is a rather reduction accurate science.

But if a record inflows we saw into Mena equities in Jan are anything to go by, one competence disagree that a supermoon’s existential powers were in full effect.

While one month does not make a trend, we trust a large equity inflows in Jan on a relations basement are suggestive (at slightest anecdotally) of a large pick-up in inflows we saw in a UAE in early 2013, a year a internal marketplace was enclosed in MSCI’s widely-tracked Emerging Markets index. As Saudi Arabia gears adult for intensity EM inclusion, with a preference to be announced in June, it competence be useful to demeanour behind during a flows, liquidity and marketplace opening of UAE equities when it went by a same consultative routine forward of a possess inclusion.

January 2013 saw a important pickup in incoming money, privately $183 million in UAE unfamiliar inflows compared to $272m in a whole preceding year. In Saudi Arabia’s example, we saw $619m inflows in Jan 2018.

These flows were no reduction than 3.3 times larger than those seen in a preceding year alone.


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In a initial 6 months of 2013, a UAE captivated $450m, twice a inflows seen in a preceding 6 months. The Saudi bourse (Tadawul) witnessed outflows (prior to Jan 2018) of $294m.

Looking deeper into liquidity, we note a estimable alleviation in this same duration in a UAE, where liquidity levels increasing around 3.5 times to $202m on a monthly basis. Following MSCI EM index inclusion in Jun 2013, liquidity jumped to $334m, around 5.5 times that seen during before levels.

Tadawul is already a many glass marketplace in a segment during $950m in January, with a premonition that liquidity is reduction than half of what it averaged during a years 2011 to 2015.

Finally, in serve to clever inflows and softened liquidity, UAE bonds rose 67 per cent that January, a 55 per cent outperformance compared with MSCI EM.

In 2017, Saudi equities were prosaic compared with MSCI EM, that rose 34 per cent. For a year-to-date however, we are saying Saudi equities during levels somewhat above MSCI EM prices, a Tadawul is adult about 4.7 per cent, with MSCI EM adult 4.1 per cent.

There are some in a marketplace who trust that January’s record equity inflows symbol a commencement of a longer-term upswing in unfamiliar institutional income seductiveness in Saudi Arabia. Consequently, we could see seductiveness in a whole segment increase, with serve inflows approaching as we proceed MSCI’s preference in June.

More distrustful marketplace commentators could indicate out that this is a story we have seen before, privately where Mena equities have seen a spike in unfamiliar inflows in expectation of a certain marketplace matter being announced, usually to see a annulment in these flows on a realisation that this matter competence not happen.

We in Deutsche Bank are in a initial camp, and continue to trust in a Saudi MSCI inclusion story. We see a clever probability of a Tadawul’s inclusion into a MSCI index in 2019. We also have firsthand knowledge of a good understanding of general institutional and real-money seductiveness in a Saudi equity story; a new customer meetings with Saudi Arabia’s Capital Market Authority and Tadawul in London in late 2017, followed by meetings with a Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority in Davos in January, saw packaged bedrooms of general investors penetrating to hear some-more about Saudi Arabia.

As a kingdom’s authorities continue their concentration on a extended set of mercantile and amicable reforms around a National Transformation Programme, this usually creates us some-more certain in a opinion for a destiny of a Saudi batch exchange.

History is not always indispensably a satisfactory beam when presaging batch marketplace flow. But given a similarities – both geographically and economically – between informal markets, we’ve argued before that marketplace participants would be suggested to during slightest cruise a implications of a Tadawul’s ascent to a MSCI EM Index.

Who knows, by a time a subsequent supermoon comes around we competence only see another marketplace jar that’s “out of this world”.

Aleksandar Stojanovski is an equity investigate researcher with Deutsche Bank

source ⦿ https://www.thenational.ae/business/markets/history-suggests-saudi-s-msci-upgrade-will-attract-long-term-uptick-in-foreign-investment-1.712583

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