Here It Is, a Supermoon Timelapse You’ve Been Waiting For

December 21, 2016 - Supermoon

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I consider we can all determine that 2016 was a doozie, though mother nature has humorous approach of consoling us. Last month we were sanctified with a biggest/closest Supermoon given 1948, and interjection to people like Mircea Goia, we can relive this stately healthy materialisation over and over again. Goia spent 3 days chasing November’s Supermoon by his hometown of Phoenix, holding photographs and filming timelapses as he went.

The web developer and filmmaker shot a moon regulating several wizz settings on his Sony RX10 III camera. He filmed in both 4K and HD though could usually trade a HD footage since is mechanism couldn’t hoop a 4K definition. Goia pieced a film together regulating LRTimelapse software. After shooting, he processed a footage in Adobe Lightroom and ran it by a module called Red Giant Denoiser to assistance mislay credentials noise. Watch a final cut below:

See some-more of Mircea Goia’s work on his website.


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