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August 17, 2014 - Supermoon

Astronomers impute to a phenomena as a perigee or “near earth” moon, though a tenure Supermoon was coined by astronomer Richard Nolle over 30 years ago and it has recently turn renouned according to a website Earthsky.

Nolle tangible a super moon as “a new or full moon that occurs with a moon during or nearby (within 90 percent of) a closest proceed to Earth in a given orbit.”

It is not a singular occurrence, but, entrance in during 221,765 miles, tonight’s Supermoon will be a closet of a 5 supermoons this year.

According to NASA, a moon will be 14 percent closer and 30 percent brighter than other full moons of a year. The disproportion in stretch is not something that small mortals can discern, though it all creates for a good forgive to take a gander during a adjacent universe and bask in a light.


Share your Supermoon photos during #SISupermoon on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or upload them to silive.com/photogallery and we will emanate a Staten Island Supermoon gallery.


In further to a glow, something that is distinct is a impact on a tides. A supermoon or perigree moon causes high tides to arise even higher, though but an concomitant storm, a waves should not means flooding. Conversely low waves is also even revoke than normal.

The moon has been scarcely full for a final dual nights, and a generosity will substantially revoke prominence of a Perseid meteor shower, an annual summer astronomical eventuality that starts Monday night. However, a participation of both full moon and meteor showering is also means for expectation among dim sky gazers as a singular event to see both.

If we remonstrate a crony or dual to pass a hours gazing during a moon tonight, we can chuck in this tidbit for them to ponder. The Aug full moon is famous as a Sturgeon Moon in North America, a reversion to a days when a large, frightful looking fish was abundant in a Great Lakes and Hudson Bay.

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