Hear Two Songs from Dick Boak and Craig Thatcher’s New Album, ‘Under a Supermoon’

April 28, 2017 - Supermoon

Dick Boak, executive of museum, repository and special projects during Martin Guitar, has expelled a new album, Under a Supermoon, with Craig Thatcher.

The disc, that has been accessible given Mar 6, is an enchanting brew of blues, Americana and choice and has been Boak and Thatcher‘s pet plan for a past dual years.

As expected, it facilities expertly churned acoustic and electric guitars—played by Thatcher—and is peppered with autoharp (played by Boak), bass, piano, violin, accordion, tuba and light percussion.

“The CD facilities 10 of my strange songs, and my vocals, and 3 startling covers and one reprise,” Boak says. “An array of good musicians assimilated us … and we are really unapproachable of a result.

“I was meditative about moons, planets and their likeness to people—about concentric orbits and a sobriety of closeness. Concurrently, in a final 3 lunar cycles of 2016, it seemed these songs were somehow being extricated and congealed in a cold skinny atmosphere underneath a supermoon. But a law is, these songs are simply a collaborative efforts of [the musicians on a album].

“Like a supermoon, it might simply be a matter of proximity.”

You can entrance Under a Supermoon on iTunes, CD Baby, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify.

Under a Supermoon Track List
1. Fields of Joy
2. Jersey Diner
3. Lonely When You’re Gone
4. My Old Shoes
5. Amnesia
6. Blue Turns to Grey
7. Sad
8. Seconds of Your Love
9. Eatily
10. Understand
11. Talkin’ JFK
12. Bring It on Home to Me
13. Containers
14. Eatily Reprise

For some-more information, revisit dickboak.com—and be certain to check out dual songs below.

source ⦿ http://www.guitarworld.com/artist-news/hear-two-songs-dick-boaks-new-album-under-supermoon/31096

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