Healthy food tradesman Snap Kitchen names Supermoon as initial AOR

February 1, 2017 - Supermoon

Healthy pre-made food tradesman Snap Kitchen, formed in Austin, Texas, has selected Supermoon, of Santa Monica, California, as a initial group of record.

Tressie Lieberman

Supermoon, that specializes in immature brands, will be handling code plan and digital, video, out-of-home promotion and experiential artistic execution for Snap Kitchen’s 45 locations opposite Austin, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington DC.

Snap Kitchen is led by arch selling officer Tressie Lieberman, before a designer of Taco Bell’s amicable strategy. She led a chain’s digital and on-demand business, as good as a digital knowledge and amicable engagement. Before that, she was a digital selling manager for Pizza Hut.

“I’ve schooled that people wish their food to be healthy and available – and that takes good products, innovation, and a partner who can tell that story. Supermoon’s ability to mix artistic and plan in radical ways creates them a good fit for a fast-growing code like ours,” pronounced Lieberman.

Snap Kitchen

“We live to work with brands who are unfailing for good things,” says Kyle Acquistapace, boss of Supermoon. “Snap Kitchen is truly formulating a new approach to eat.”

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