Harvest Moon Arrives Oct. 5

October 1, 2017 - Supermoon

NARRAGANSETT, RI—The Harvest Moon arrives Oct. 5. Look for a splendid pumpkin colored moon during 6:41 p.m., shortly after nightfall during 6:18 p.m. The moon will arise tighten to nightfall for 3 days this week, so it will seem as yet Oct has 3 full moons. That’s only one of a visual tricks a Harvest Moon is famous for playing.

NASA has a video explaining how a Harvest Moon acquired a name, since it’s brightly colored and since it looks bigger than typical moons. (The dates in a video anxiety a Harvest Moon from a few years ago, though a rest of a information is relevant.) The name came from farmers operative after nightfall to collect all a crops and operative by a light of a moon. It appears bigger since it’s tighten to a horizon.

Usually, a Harvest Moon comes in September, though this year, a Oct full moon came closest to a Sep equinox. It’s not a Supermoon this year, though it will still be flattering spectacular.

Courtesy Photo of NASA’s Harvest Supermoon

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