Gullah/Geechee Nation Surviving and Thriving as a Sea Rises

January 28, 2016 - Supermoon

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Over a past 5 years, a Gullah/Geechee Nation’s leaders convened a members of a “Gullah/Geechee Sustainability Think Tank” to discourse about a innumerable of issues. Just as things come together and a sands change around as a tides pierce in and out, so has a transformation of a work of this organisation of Gullah/Geechee traditionalists, scholars, scientists, and lovers of a environment. At some indicate adequate sands build adult in an area and sojourn there and on this one can build. Our dialogues have been no different. Over time we began building on a subject of seafood reserve and tellurian health.

As we continued to discourse with one another and control margin investigate via a Gullah/Geechee Nation from a Cape Fear segment in North Carolina down to a Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach area of Florida, we started to rivet some-more and some-more with those that were meddlesome in what was partial of a information sets that associated to how a meridian scholarship and changes were inspiring a waterways and creatures therein and ultimately, what impacts these had on or would pierce to a Gullah/Geechee Nation.

Interestingly enough, many people that were within a internal domestic arenas were not seeking a questions that we were already seeking answers for, though afterwards again, many of them were not from cultures that were inextricably tied to a sea as Gullah/Geechee enlightenment is. They were not devout and culturally influenced by people stuffing in and restraint off areas along a Intercoastal Waterway. They did not describe to since Gullah/Geechee traditionalists pronounce out and cry out opposite building in certain areas since of a ways in that we and a elders and ancestors have witnessed a waters issuing for a hundreds of years that we have been in this place called a Gullah/Geechee Nation that includes a Sea Islands from that we watch a waves flows any day and feel them in sync with a movements of a bodies and a communities.

It took a waters entrance down over and over again as a seas rose day after day for people to start to compensate courtesy to what we spoke of generations ago about not building in certain areas and not building out into a waterways. It took a inhabitant and general media and amicable media to make people finally take a demeanour during what can occur even when there isn’t a hurricane, though simply rising tides and solid rain.


Photo: Queen Quet

However, no one was prepared for a supermoon to be joined with all of this when a sleet started descending and descending and descending in South Carolina and graves started to rinse out and a sands started to pierce and as a tides rose, a roads collapsed and as some-more sands changed a houses fell and a streets flooded and what they had built came down.

Those of us on a Sea Islands saw these images of a destructionment all around us as we watched a high tides come over a causeways and cover some of a roads, though within hours, these waters subsided and we could nonetheless pierce around. Trees fell, though we could nonetheless pierce around. While we changed around we watched a unchanging Tweets and Facebook postings of how a cousins in a cities adult a highway and adult a creeks were being flooded out and were losing a a things that they worked for as a sleet continued to fall.

Days later, we was already scheduled to fly out and over all of this to pronounce to people in a northeast during a limit on rising seas about a things that should be deliberate when operative with communities of tone and, as some call us, “underrepresented and underserved communities.” We are usually categorized this approach since those that were not listening as we spoke over a decades and settled what we were saying did not entice us to a places where a other member of their communities would be as they distributed a cost of vital along a coasts.

We were not served since a communities were not valued for enlightenment in a a calculations used. The calculations used in courtesy to providing use tend to concentration on a mercantile values and not a value of informative birthright and a resources therein including a fact that a people of these communities are a resources that are now not insured. Thus, we are not partial of a information pools and formulas used to establish where resources need to go until there is a greeting to a changing times and tides and a shifts that are holding place including a changeable sands and rising seas that are now causing millions of dollars of investments to decrease down or need to be changed from a waters edge.

As we prepared to benefaction to a inhabitant organisation of those now meddlesome in enchanting in discourse with those that were now deliberate “resilient,” we listened from partners of a “Gullah/Geechee Sustainability Think Tank,” a Union of Concerned Scientists, that they were releasing a news that a Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition has prolonged awaited concerning meridian change and coastal communities.


Read a report

They entitled this request “Surviving and Thriving in a Face of Rising Seas.” This news encapsulates in a systematic demeanour what a Gullah/Geechee Nation‘s leaders that are scientists (like myself) have been articulating in several ways over a years, though was not seen as a priority until South Carolina had to announce a state of puncture due to a waters that fell as a seas rose and got reported to a universe as unprecedented.

Interestingly enough, a predictions that were in a report, were reliable before a eyes on a countless screens as a news from UCS was going to print. Now, we urge that people that are in a county, state, and sovereign governments will now come to a remaining sands of a Sea Islands and build with a locals that saw this entrance and a scientists and scholars that have been sitting together and documenting a movements that we have been saying initial palm on a southeastern seashore that is a Gullah/Geechee Nation.

Many have come to sketch us in jubilee and to theatre things that will be sparkling for radio viewership.  The numbers of those entrance to indeed assistance us keep a communities alive and to means a high peculiarity of life along a seashore is a most smaller series of folks. In possibly case, many come to take from a communities and leave us with areas where things once were not realizing what it will take for us to try to refill that space once they are gone. This is really same to a sands that leave and a trees that decrease when a nautical timberland can't reason adult since a spartina weed and a oyster reefs that were all partial of that ecological complement were solemnly picked divided by folks that came in to take out but meditative about planting or replanting in that same space and with a people of that place. we reflected on this as we review by a news and saw my possess difference from an environmental equity assembly reflected within it:

“If my village has never seen we before a storm, since should we speak to we now a charge has come? Why not give us a contribution to come to a seminar on preparedness? [Government agencies] need to pierce something to a communities first, over conversations in a issue and promises. People here are still watchful on promises summed adult as ‘40 acres and a mule’.”
Queen Quet, conduct of state, Gullah/Geechee Nation 

About a author: Queen Quet is Chieftess and Head-of-State for a Gullah/Geechee Nation, that extends from Jacksonville, NC to Jacksonville, FL. She has oral before a United Nations, a U.S. State Department, and a series of legislative bodies in a Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida; acted as an Expert Commissioner in a U.S. Department of a Interior; and was a member in a White House Conference on Conservation. Queen Quet lives on St. Helena Island in South Carolina.

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