Growing Market For Meteorites: Chinese Are Buying ‘Meteorites’

December 10, 2014 - Supermoon


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The meteorite weighed many hundred grams and was value US$1,630 per gram, according to a association. He spent a sum of US$8,130 for it and a organization claimed that his meteorite was value US$1.63 million. He also found it unequivocally formidable to sell a meteorite later. He afterwards took it to other astronomical institutions and found that it was not from space. 

When Mr Xueliang contacted other members of a meteorite association, he found that they too had been defrauded and that a organization was a scam. The authority had told a members that investing in meteorites could make them abounding and any member had to compensate a sum US$98 to be a partial of a organization and in a camber of dual years, a organization grew to some-more than 400 members. Apart from a price to join a organisation, there were other fees that amounted to US$163 to US$490.

Another chairman who invested in a meteorite was Chinese entrepreneur, Tong Xiangping, whose meteorite incited out to be a genuine one, reported Yahoo. He spent a sum of AU$186,300 on a meteorite that is believed to be over billions of years old. It was found on a Russian riverbed in 1967.

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