Great Super Moon observation in a Shenandoah with NASA Ambassador

July 30, 2014 - Supermoon


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Published Tuesday, Jul. 29, 11:01 pm
Filed underneath Arts, Culture and Events

shen inhabitant parkBeautiful summer evenings lend themselves to staying out late and stargazing into a universe. This summer, Skyland Resort and Big Meadows Lodge welcomes Greg Redfern, NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador and space expert, to speak about Super Moon, Space and some-more in a Shenandoah. With dual new Super Moons function Aug 10 and Sep 9, this is a ideal time to book a package during Skyland Resort and locate adult on all thing star, moon and star related. The 30-minute discussions will take place during Big Meadows Lodge, start during 9:00 p.m and be accessible Aug 12, Aug 17, Aug 27, Sep 5, Sep 10, Sep 21 and Oct 2, 2014.

“We are anxious to have Greg Redfern to perform a Skyland Resort guests,” pronounced General Manager Charles Friend. “Beautiful views are what we are famous for, either a expanded hollow during a day or a star studded star in a evening. It is always some arrange of fantastic uncover here during Skyland Resort.”

Greg Redfern, an accessory professor/instructor of astronomy will be accessible several evenings from Aug to October. Greg’s daily astronomy blog “What’s Up?: The Space Place”, has had hundreds of thousands of readers from around a world. Greg has been watching and photographing a sky for over 4 decades and collecting meteorites for years. He has used telescopes of all kinds and visited observatories, NASA comforts and geological sites. As a result, Greg has brought a wonder, beauty and fad of a Universe to audiences for decades in one on one character that resonates with his passion and knowledge.

Redfern will benefaction a 30-minute fascinating star studded display followed by star gazing in a large meadows area (weather permitting). Themes include:

  • “So, You Want to Be An Astrophotographer?” This enchanting display will learn a assembly basis on how to sketch a Park and sky. Guests will be means to sue this information to try their palm during holding cinema of their possess during their revisit to Shenandoah. They will also see overwhelming cinema taken by Greg of a sky and learn about what they are seeing.
  • “The Sky IS Falling – Space Rocks and You” This display provides guest credentials on meteorites (space rocks) and there will be genuine meteorites to demeanour at, including a square of a Chelyabinsk meteorite that fell over Russia in Feb 2013. He will also have a square of Mars and a Moon for visitors to see as well.
  • “The Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater”. The inside Story of America’s largest Impact Crater” Many people do not know that one of a world’s largest famous impact craters is underneath a Chesapeake Bay during Cape Charles, VA. They will learn all about it from Greg’s firsthand knowledge with a deepest puncture into a heart of this 57-mile far-reaching beast. Guests will also see genuine geological samples from within a crater.
  • “Under a Stars In a Park”. Weather permitting, night sky unaided eye observation will take place in a large meadows to uncover visitors a night sky. They will learn aside a constellations and compared sky lore. QA will follow.

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