Going natural? 8 eco activities we won’t wish to skip this year

January 27, 2016 - Supermoon

South Florida is a place to be if we finished a fortitude to go healthy this year. Every deteriorate brings something special from a subtropical flora and fauna, stimulating waters and expanded skies. Here’s a list of categorical events we won’t wish to skip — along with sum on where to go for a front-row seat. Mark your calendars.

— Diane Lade


Ride in a light of a moon: Everglades National Park is a opposite place by night, when a tourists are gone, a noxious clouds of mosquitoes lessen and a trees fill with resting birds. Biking a 15-mile paved trail in a park’s northern Shark Valley territory on a full moon winter night has turn so renouned that rangers offer tours. Bring your bike (the park’s let benefaction is sealed evenings) and a flashlight! Shine a light into a H2O and we might see a red eyes of a gator intense underneath a surface.