Gina Rodriguez
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Gina Rodriguez arrives during a 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards .

The singer talks to TIME about what’s in store for deteriorate dual and a story behind her Golden Globes speech

Yael Grobglas

If Gina Rodriguez didn’t win we over as a star of a CW’s dermatitis comedy Jane a Virgin, her weeping Golden Globes speech in Jan competence have finished a trick. “My father used to tell me to contend any morning, ‘Today is going to be a good day. we can and we will,’” Rodriguez pronounced while usurpation a best singer endowment in a comedy category. “Well, Dad—today is a good day. we can and we did.”

Since Jane wrapped a initial deteriorate with a telenovela-worthy cliffhanger, there’s customarily been some-more award-show hum for Rodriguez, who’s been filming Deepwater Horizon during Jane’s summer hiatus. Her debate even found a approach into CBS TV Studios’ Emmy care campaign, that is pulling for an Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series assignment on her behalf. TIME held adult with Rodriguez about her new movie, how Jane a Virgin is changing radio and what’s in store for deteriorate two.

TIME: When we final spoke, we talked about a sputter outcome we hoped Jane a Virgin would have on farrago on TV. Of march shows like Fresh Off a Boat and Empire were in a works by afterwards as well, yet 9 months later, are we starting to see a changes we were anticipating to see?

Gina Rodriguez: I didn’t do anything single-handedly, yet it is such a blessing to be a partial of a plan that is contributing to that transformation and unequivocally highlighting other cultures, other perspectives and other religions. To see so many other shows doing a same thing during a accurate same time, we unequivocally see how many some-more a job it is.

The unequivocally cold thing is to also see how that has shabby this past commander season. we consider a lot of networks are seeing, not customarily by Jane a Virgin, yet by Netflix and Amazon and all these other outlets, that holding unequivocally awesome, wild, unusual risks is unequivocally cool. Art is indeed formulating change a lot in this past year, and that’s been unequivocally cold to witness. I’m vehement to see what a subsequent call of shows are.

How do we feel about a Emmy hum you’re getting?

I’m terrified, of course! I’m repelled in a good way. The fact that people are even deliberation me is outrageous. we customarily feel like we can’t ask for anything more. we would venerate it. we would venerate it for a network. we would venerate it for a people that believed in us. What is pleasing is that we get to continue to act, and I’m so beholden for Aug 21st, when we get to go to deteriorate two. we feel like we have to keep your conduct down, prayers up. It’s over me and so many bigger than myself. The network and studios are so understanding of me, of my career—I owe them everything.

Your acceptance debate during a Golden Globes was such a highlight. Did we consider it would ring a approach it did?

Never in a million years. we had no suspicion what we was going to say. we could not even imagine. There’s no word to even report it. This whole believe customarily seemed like a misty dream. They called my name, I’m walking adult there, and we see Oprah, and I’m like, “This is crazy. They should not concede Oprah to be right by where everybody walks through!” Oh my God, hi, Oprah. Hello. You’re fantastic! we prayed that God would pronounce for me, and he certain did, since honestly, we don’t know if we could have created what we said. Obviously there’s a small bit of terror where it’s like, “Oh my goodness, if we were ever to mount adult on a theatre again, how can we demonstrate my heart any more?” we theory I’ll worry about that if it happens, right?

Just get another inspirational quote from your dad!

I know, we know. There are so many. I’m indeed operative on a book right now that’s going to give a universe what my father gave to me. we unequivocally will be gripping my ears peeled for his nuggets of believe and wisdom, like, “Dad, we got any integrity to share with me, please?”

Tell me about your greeting to a culmination of Jane a Virgin. we know showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman is flattering sly about a plot, so we contingency have been shocked.

Oh, yeah, we had no suspicion until a day before we started shooting. In a beginning, we was like, “This could be crazy. How am we going to be prepared for this?” It’s worked out in a unequivocally good way. You don’t get too overwhelmed, and you’re means to concentration and do your best work in any episode. That’s indeed been unequivocally helpful.

When we review a script, though, we was repelled of giving birth. we mean, terrified. we apparently don’t have any children. I’ve never given birth before. You can watch as many videos until you’re like, “Wow, this is a unequivocally personal experience.” Then a capturing of Mateo during a finish we suspicion was shining since it’s such an extraordinary cliffhanger. What we am looking brazen to some-more than anything is observant how she resolves it, like observant what happens to Jane when she finds out Mateo’s gone. I’m indeed unequivocally vehement to play that. we don’t know what I’m going to confirm to do. She’s going to find out right when we open a subsequent episode. It contingency be. we can customarily imagine, right?

Yeah. we wish to know about Sin Rostro—we didn’t see her face, and we know she ran a cosmetic medicine ring that give criminals new identities. Do we know if it’s a new singer or if Bridget Regan’s entrance back?

I consider Bridget’s entrance back. we wish Bridget’s entrance back. I’m roughly certain Bridget’s entrance back. we don’t know what her contracts are like. we was unequivocally not told she wasn’t, and we venerate Bridget. we venerate that woman. She’s a unusual singer and a unusual person, so we wish she’s entrance back. We have to ask Jennie. I’m going to content her right when we’re done.

What’s on your wish list for deteriorate two?

Oh my God, I’m already starting to consider of opposite actors we wish to come and join us. Recently there was a supermoon, and so we put out my intentions for a subsequent year on paper, so we can see them, reason myself accountable and unequivocally quarrel for them. Definitely one of them is removing Rita Moreno to come back.

I was so vehement for we when they announced she would guest-star—I remember we observant how many she shabby your career.

I mean, we fell out. When they initial told us, “How good would it be if Rita Moreno was dad’s mom?” we was like, “That contingency happen. we will write her a letter! Please let her know how many she is an statue to me.” We wish her behind so bad. we consider that there are going to be some unequivocally cold guest stars for Jaime’s past, since Jaime [Camil, who plays Rogelio] had a few wives, so I’m unequivocally vehement to see extraordinary women join us again.

Did we have a favorite storyline this season? we suspicion a partial where we learn about Alba’s immigration standing was so touching.

I suspicion it was so beautifully done. My favorite twitter was this one woman, she goes, “My 7-year-old daughter and we watch Jane a Virgin. How do we tell her about immigration?” I suspicion that was such a good event to demeanour it adult with her daughter, for them to do investigate togetheropen heart, open mind. That’s since we consider Jane a Virgin is so awesome, since it gives relatives an event to speak to their children about ethereal situations that need to be talked about in a loving, careful, protected environment.

I’m vehement to see a second season, since a one thing that we unequivocally desired about a initial deteriorate was observant Jane’s strength as a woman. Her removing damaged adult with Rafael and her starting to emanate this strength of safeguarding herself and her child, we suspicion that was so lenient for women. Seldom do we see a lady on shade holding that kind of strength and energy into their possess hands. I suspicion that that was unequivocally cold to put out there, generally since we know that there’s a teen assembly that is watching. To give a small lady that kind of viewpoint is overwhelming and so absolute and so needed.

Which of a season’s many anticipation sequences was your favorite? we desired a wrestling one.

That’s it. That’s totally it. Pregnant Punisher, favorite, ever, ever, ever, ever. we did all my possess stunts. we did not use a attempt woman. we was like, “I am doing this. we am doing this from start to finish.” It was a best time ever.

How divided is a expel and organisation about Team Michael contra Team Rafael?

It’s unequivocally funny, since we apparently all venerate Brett [Dier] and Justin [Baldoni] so much. It’s customarily a viewpoint of any character: Toward a end, Rogelio and Michael became unequivocally close, so for a while, Jaime was unequivocally Team Michael. Ivonne [Coll, who plays Alba] thinks Justin is so large so she’s Team Rafael. Justin’s a one that has to take a many feverishness since his impression breaks Jane’s heart, so bad Justin. He’s so sweet. Most people will be Team Michael these days. It creates him so unhappy since he’s such a sweetheart, and he’s unequivocally zero like Rafael!

You’ve been filming Deepwater Horizon about a 2010 oil brief in a Gulf of Mexico. Will we see a side of we we don’t get to see on Jane?

Definitely, yet a biggest partial of it is we got to learn so many about American history, so many about that unhappy catastrophe. We are unequivocally going to do justice, as many as possible, to a people that have so many memories connected to that experience. we can’t go in too many some-more than that, yet it’s unequivocally an honor. we venerate New Orleans. I’m carrying such a enchanting time down there—the people, a culture. Not customarily that disaster that happened, yet Katrina unequivocally goes to uncover how phenomenally clever a village is in New Orleans. That kind of warrior genius is so admirable. we venerate it there.