Full moon heat during a Mid-Autumn Festival

September 12, 2017 - Supermoon

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an annual jubilee of a full moon, that is a pitch of happiness, wealth and family reunion in China. Known as Zhongqiujie, a festival falls on a 15th day of a 8th lunar month, that is customarily nearby a finish of Sep in a Western calendar.
The moon seems fuller and brighter than a rest of a year, creation mid-autumn a best time for moon gazing. While many get full moon heat during a Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese divided from home make wishes and consider of their family.

A supermoon filled a night sky during a Mid-Autumn Festival in 2015, an occurence that customarily happens any 9 years.

Mooncakes and watermelon

According to tradition, family members accumulate together during a list filled with fruit and pastries, among that there contingency be watermelon customarily cut to resemble a lotus flower to symbolize happiness, fun and well-being.
Originally done as a reverence to a Moon God, a turn dessert mooncake has turn an constituent partial of a Mid-Autumn Festival tradition. Mooncakes contingency be cut uniformly so any family member has a piece, no more, no less. This is called “reunion cake sharing”.
Today, mooncakes have opposite mixture and tastes. People in north China cite honeyed mooncakes with bean pulp and jujube fillings, while those in a south cite tainted ones and even put bacon and pickled yolks in a stuffing.
Mooncakes with artistic fillings and pleasing decorations need a good understanding of bid to make and are really renouned gifts. However, they do come in all shapes and sizes, from bottom-shaped to those measuring 3 metres in diameter.

When is a Mid-Autumn Festival?

2016 – Sep 15
2017 – Oct 4
2018 – Sep 24
2019 – Sep 13
2020 – Oct 1
2021 – Sep 21
2022 – Sep 10

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