Friday’s Packed: Spring, Solar Eclipse, Super Moon…

March 24, 2015 - Supermoon

Do we remember, lo about a start of a year, when your amicable media feeds and your email inbox and your magazines were full of lists suggesting how we could make 2015 a many efficient, simply managed year yet?

No some-more strenuous to-do lists, no some-more opposing commitments, usually easier days ahead.

Supermoon Returns to SoCal Sky

[GALLERY]Supermoon Returns to SoCal Sky

Clearly a holidays and special occasions and astronomical happenings and a seasons themselves are on these same amicable media feeds. For not usually did Friday a 13th, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, and Mardi Gras all intersect in Feb — with a similar, looser thing occurring between Friday a 13th and St. Patrick’s Day over a second weekend of Mar — though spring, a moon, and a object have a lot designed over a singular day.

That singular day is Friday, Mar 20, 2015, which, in a annals of destiny legend, might hereafter be referred to as a central tact of SpringSolarEclipseSuperMoonia.

It’s a mouthful, though flattering accurate: The vernal equinox falls on Mar 20, as does a Super Moon, as does a solar eclipse, an eventuality that will be seen in full in Norway and partially in tools of Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Nope, Southern California did not make that look-up-in-wonder list, though if we still need to symbol a impulse — when you’re not examination live feeds of a obscure online — Griffith Observatory will be open, and, as always, free.

Again, no solar obscure to see in a SoCal skies, though copiousness to learn about a cosmos, which, gossip has it, are rather on a vast side.

As for communing with a spritely deteriorate of robins and bluebells? Or, some-more accurately, during slightest around this region, gulls and jacaranda? Any of a large gardens will do a trick, from a LA Arboretum to The Huntington. Descanso Gardens of La Cañada Flintridge is throwing a festival in respect of a cherry blossoms on Mar 21 and 22, and everybody knows that there’s zero springier than a cherry blossom.

Let’s not disagree about this one. 

In fact, we’d spin to scholarship to behind us adult on that cherry blossoms=springtime claim, though scholarship has a hands full with Super Moons and solar eclipses these days. 

Stay busy, science.

So what’s subsequent on a everything-all-at-once calendar? Perhaps 2015 unequivocally will infer to be some-more fit than most. If usually we humans could follow suit.

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