Fresh and local: Supermoon, Playland

April 27, 2016 - Supermoon

Lo-fi to a indicate where “no-fi” competence work as a improved description, Supermoon’s Playland proves that good things infrequently come in plain-Jane packages.

The interest of a eight-track recover is partly a fundamental college-rock guitars and partly frontwoman Katie Gravestock’s hauntingly sad vocals. Supermoon’s good pretence is sounding as grey as England—or Vancouver—in November, even on numbers like a Tropicália-tinted “Bottleships”, that wouldn’t sound out of place sandwiched between Vampire Weekend and Bembeya Jazz National.

The object quickly floods in on a expansive “Unsaid”, though mostly Playland is a beautifully monochromatic provide for those who are happiest when it rains—preferably in buckets. Fall might be months away, though your favourite record for this year’s monsoon deteriorate is already here.

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