Ferroelectric Flurries: Dark Clues to Metal Snow on Venus

October 22, 2014 - Supermoon

Our adjacent universe Venus is a oppressive place to contend a least. Sulfuric acid-laden clouds, abrasive windy pressure, and broiling aspect temperatures mountainous to scarcely 900 degrees Fahrenheit (480 degrees Celsius) make Earth’s “sister” universe into utterly a visitor horror. And now there competence be another bizarre materialisation to supplement to Venus’ list of impassioned oddities: complicated steel ferroelectric “snow” covering a top towering peaks.

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Researchers from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and a Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston have re-analyzed radar and altitude mapping information acquired by NASA’s Magellan booster during a orbital scrutiny of Venus from 1990 to 1994. What they found are countless dim spots in radar-reflective imaging of one of Venus’ highland regions, quite during altitudes upwards of 15,400 feet (4,700 meters).

While it’s previously been hypothesized that a arrange of uncanny lead sleet competence cloak a plateau of Venus, formed on their liughtness in Magellan’s radar data, it wasn’t until now that a extraordinary high-altitude dim areas have been celebrated in such vast numbers.

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“There is ubiquitous brightening ceiling trend in a highlands and afterwards dim spots during a top locations,” explained Elise Harrington, an Earth sciences undergraduate during Simon Fraser University who revisited a Magellan information underneath a instruction of LPI’s Allan Treiman. “The prior author saw a few dim spots. But we see hundreds of them.”

Because of a outlandish sourroundings found on Venus it could be that a contemplative ferroelectric ice can straightforwardly form or curt onto surfaces as a altitude increases, though afterwards after a certain indicate a routine can no longer continue. It’s formidable to tell accurately what competence be function there, given a information now accessible are decades old… and Venus is a severe place to study.

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“No one knows what explains a remarkable darkness,” Harrington said. “We consider this competence coax some some-more seductiveness in Venus.”

Read some-more here, and see a slide of a findings presented at a assembly of a Geological Society of America in Vancouver, B.C., on Oct. 20.

Source: Geological Society of America

source ⦿ http://news.discovery.com/space/ferroelectric-flurries-dark-clues-to-metal-snow-on-venus-141022.htm

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