FAKE: Super Moon on Radio Telescope

January 26, 2016 - Supermoon

Claim: A sketch shows a “super moon” resting atop a radio telescope.


Origin:One sub-genre of photography are a supposed “perfectly-timed” or “just in time” photographs, cinema that constraint a coincidental connection of mixed objects and events to emanate constrained or humorous images.

One such picture went viral in Nov 2015, a sketch presumably display a “super moon positioned in only a right approach so that from a photographer’s vantage indicate it seemed to be ideally resting atop a radio telescope, like an egg in a cup:

As New Zealand’s Northern Advocate explained, however, this fragile picture was indeed a digital combination shaped from apart images of a moon and a radio telescope by astro-photographer Chris Pegman

Kerikeri male Chris Pegman’s common hobby is astro-photography, capturing a night sky in hugely minute breathtaking images.

Last Friday, however, he was carrying a bit of fun with a integrate of photos. One was a night scenery of a radio telescope during Warkworth, taken final year for an online print challenge; a other was a shot of a “supermoon” — when a moon is during a closest indicate to a Earth, creation it looker bigger than common — taken from Kerikeri a few months ago.

He total a dual so a moon was resting ideally in a radio plate and, chuckling to himself, uploaded a outcome to his Flickr page and an online print foe called 500px. A few hours after a crony called to contend his print had left viral.

Someone had posted it on Imgur, a photo-sharing site. From there, someone else had posted it on Reddit. The picture afterwards popped adult on Twitter and a raft of Facebook pages, including one dedicated to all things Warkworth.

It also sparked discuss about either a picture had been Photoshopped (it has) and either it would be probable to emanate a picture though Photoshop (the outcome was that it competence be, though it would need an implausible volume of planning.)

“I was only carrying fun … we didn’t realize a gem I’d created” [Pegman said]/

The radio telescope picture was taken on a Canon 6D with a 24m lens and consists of 3 photos stitched together. The supermoon was shot with a 70-200mm lens.

Last updated: 20 Jan 2016

Originally published: 20 Jan 2016


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The Northern Advocate 12 Nov 2015.

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